Digital Marketing Continues to Dominate Outdoor Retail

GRAHAM, NC­—The rise of digital marketing within the outdoor retail industry is becoming more apparent. A recent marketing survey conducted by Big Rock Sports detailed the rise of social media and how it’s replaced traditional print outlets as the preferred way to reach customers.

As Big Rock’s VP of Marketing and Customer Experience Mitch Mitchell explains, “Digital marketing is leading the way as the preferred method to reach customers across the nation and frankly, throughout the world.” Participants noted the top two most effective marketing channels are digital­social media and websites.

For the second consecutive year, the four most popular social media platforms for outdoor retailers remain Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus. To further demonstrate social media’s prominence among retailers, more stores have a Facebook page (88 percent) than websites (79 percent). However, the latter increased 9 percent over 2015’s findings and could even the score by this time next year.
Non-digital marketing trends include:

  • 58 percent of outdoor retailers have a marketing plan or are building one
  • 64 percent offer promotional products with their store logo to customers
  • 70 percent of retailers do not have a loyalty program

Big Rock Sports customers can access the full survey results via the Sporting Retailer magazine.