Dave Pfeiffer Honored with Bill Ray Award

In 1988 Bill Ray and Bill Shed founded United Anglers. They didn’t really have a mission statement but Bill Shedd says, “One of Bill Ray’s favorite quotes was ‘let’s leave one for the next guy’”. That about sums up what United Anglers of Southern California is all about.

In the intervening years UASC has been on the “cutting edge” of California conservation and most recently California angler’s rights. Many hard working, selfless people have given thousands of hours of volunteer time to speak up for anglers whenever it is needed. About 22 years ago UASC began to award the Bill Ray Memorial Trophy to the person deemed to have been a significant contributor to California Marine conservation.

A long list of distinguished recipients have been honored with the Bill Ray Award, including: Bill Ray; Milt Shedd; Russ Izor; Jim Donlon; Fred Hall; Bill Beebe; Paxson Offield; Thomas Pfleger; Bill Shedd; Don Kent; Senator Deidre Alpert; Bob Fletcher; Richard Pool; Jack Webster; Robert Treanor; Peggie Shedd; “Yours Truly”; Beverly Ray Parkhurst; Don Hanson; and Ingrid Pool.

The most recent recipient is Dave Pfieffer, President of Shimano America. Dave has been with Shimano for 25 years. He has been President of Shimano America for 7 years and is in charge of both fishing and cycling.

Dave started as sales manager and moved to various roles in sales and marketing and eventually to director, vice-president, executive vice-president and finally President of Shimano America. Dave is a passionate angler and runner and demands that the gear he uses matches his passion. As a company Shimano touches markets across the nation. Shimano has been able to develop more and more specialized products that match the needs of their target markets. It is no accident that Dave Pfeiffer is at the helm of this company. Many of us in the fishing industry continually say, “You couldn’t clone a better person to be the leader of a major fishing tackle company”. Dave’s passion for fishing and his dedication to excellence at Shimano are extraordinary.

However, during the many trials and tribulations that we have been having in California over the last decade concerning fishing rights and access to fishing grounds, specifically the Marine Life Protection Act and it’s implementation in California, Dave has been a quiet leader behind the scenes. His consul and his financial support for local, and national, conservation groups trying to fend off the insanity of the implementation of the MLPA have been monumental. Without Dave Pfeiffer, this battle would have been over long ago. Sitting in his Shimano seat Dave’s conservation concerns are national but his heart and his home are local.

It was with great pleasure and a deep sense of gratitude that the UASC Board of Directors nominated Dave Pfeiffer as the next recipient of the Bill Ray Award. Congratulations Dave! You deserve it!