Daiwa’s New J-Braid x4 Is Metered For Mastery

Cypress, CA – There are some gigantic reels out there. Those meant for horsing big fish off the bottom and long-line trolling for everything from sailfish to salmon. Daiwa makes some of the world’s finest, too, like the oceanic electric MP 3000, Seaborg and conventional series like Saltiga and Saltist reels. Spinning gets colossal, too, such as Daiwa’s Saltiga, which comes in a whopping 20000 size! What’s common in all cases? They eat a lot of fishing line. We’re talking 500 to 2,000 yards a crack. And that can get expensive.

330 Yards

Daiwa addressed the cost versus quantity issue a few years back with the introduction of J-Braid x4, a four-carrier line constructed of high-grade Japanese Dyneema. The affordable superline is narrower diameter than lines with additional carriers, lending itself to piling on more line with larger spools. J-Braid x4 is famously known for its abrasion resistance, ease of knot tying and overall line management as well.

The all-new J-Braid x4 Multi Color introduces a metering feature, line colored in Orange, Blue, Pink, Green and Purple with 1-meter indicator (Yellow-Black-Yellow) and 5-meter indicator (Yellow-Red-Yellow) and measured in 10-meter increments. This allows for simple, visual line length assessments when dropping deep or on the troll. Catch a fish, recognize the line metering, and you can immediately get back to that distance or depth. Makes for more successful fishing by eliminating the guesswork.

J-Braid x4 Multi Color comes in 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 65 lb. test and in 330 yds., 550 yds. (50, 65 and 80 lb. only), and 3,300 yds. MSRP’s are $21.99 to $219.99.

550 Yards

Available Colors

    • Dark Green is more natural in situations where you may want to tie your hook or lure directly onto the line without a leader.
    • Fluorescent Yellow is highly visible, and helping detect even the slightest line movements.
    • A majestic blue tone with high visibility while incorporating water and sky contrast.
    • Getting to the desired depth has never been easier. Color changes every ten meters to allow you to get into the strike zone quickly.
3,300 Yards


Daiwa’s first spinning reel rolled off the assembly line in 1955. Since then, the company has grown into one of the largest and most influential tackle companies in the world today. To handle sales and distribution in the United States, Daiwa Corporation first opened its doors on September 26, 1966, operating from a small facility in Culver City, California. Today, based in Cypress, California, Daiwa Corporation sells tackle throughout the United States, Canada, Central and South America. From the very beginning, Daiwa’s emphasis has been upon innovation and quality. The result is a long list of product features, design and materials that have become standards for the fishing tackle industry. Daiwa’s long-standing record of innovation has left a visible mark on the majority of tackle manufactured today and continues to advance the sport of fishing. Learn more at daiwa.us.