Daiwa’s New Ardito Muskie Travel Rods Being Introduced at Indiana Muskie Classic

CYPRESS, Calif. – Along with again supporting this weekend’s 25th annual Indiana Muskie Classic organized by the Muskies, Inc. Indiana Chapter, Daiwa’s on-site crew will also showcase its soon-to-be-available Ardito Muskie travel rods during evening activities at the tournament.

“The participants who fish this event are exactly the type of avid anglers who we want to show Daiwa’s commitment and focus on muskie tackle and the muskie fishing market,” said Rick Stagowski, who assists Daiwa’s sales efforts with tackle dealers throughout the Midwest states. “From the success we had with the new Daiwa’s Bessie muskie lures introduced at fishing shows this past winter, along with these new Ardito travel rods in lengths, powers, and action for big muskie and northern pike fishing on lakes throughout the Midwest and Canada, to additional muskie-focused rods and reels being introduced at the 2023 ICAST Show, Daiwa continues its goal of being a major tackle brand for muskie anglers.” Daiwa will display the new rods, along with other muskie rods, reels, lures, and braid at the event’s registration activities taking place at noted muskie shop Ye Olde Tackle Box in North Webster, Ind. on Thursday, May 18, and then again on Saturday, May 20 when all the participating anglers are treated to dinner, a fundraising auction and other activities at the Oakwood Resort in Syracuse, Ind.

The Ardito muskie travel rods will be offered in both 8’5” heavy power and extra-heavy power models, featuring Daiwa’s exclusive ‘V-Joint’ ferrule design to make the five-piece rods fish and reel like a one-piece model. The HVF Nanoplus carbon blanks provide the needed durability to cast big muskie lures, while the X-45 blank construction process eliminates blank twist for better casting accuracy. Both rods come with Fuji K guides and carbide top guide.

Stagowski notes the new Ardito travel rods will retail for $249.99 and will start showing at selected tackle shops in early June, perfect timing for anglers planning summertime bucket list muskies trips to pursue that always wanted 50-inch-plus fish.

Taking place on the Webster, Tippecanoe, and Barbee lake chains found in the northern-central area of the Hoosier state, the tournament is attracting nearly 180 avid muskie anglers from throughout the Midwest. The Indianapolis-based Muskies, Inc. Chapter has been instrumental over the years in providing financial support to the Indiana DNR in muskie stocking efforts in the tournament waters, helping them become a muskie fishing destination over the past two decades especially early in the year when many states still have closed seasons.

A very limited number of spaces are still available to interested anglers. For details visit the event’s Facebook page at www.facebook/com/groups/IndianaMuskieClassic. More information on Daiwa’s new Ardito muskie travel rods will be available by early June at https://daiwa.us/collections/travel-rod.

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