Daiwa Saltwater Jigs

Cypress, CA – Expert anglers have their own favorite lures, techniques and ideas for generating fast action with big fish. One thing most will agree on, however, is that it’s tough to beat the fish-maddening power of a well-presented jig when it comes to triggering bone-jarring strikes. Fortunately, Daiwa has you fully covered in that department with a half-dozen different models to blanket all water depths including their Zakana near-surface swimming jigs and the popular Rock Rover for digging deep.

“We really do have some amazing choices when it comes to our jigging line-up,” says Marc Mills, Daiwa’s field marketing manager. “Each and every one is designed using the finest materials with a specific purpose in mind. With seven distinct models to choose from, you’ll find the perfect jig to match your fishing style, quarry and local conditions whether you work inshore or offshore anywhere along the coast.”

Daiwa Zakana Jig

Consider Daiwa’s extremely popular Zakana jig. Designed for casting and retrieving just below the surface, this streamlined and durable choice is a favorite of anglers targeting anything from tuna and yellowtail to mahi, cobia, striped bass, false albacore, bluefish, jacks and nearly any other aggressive predator that swims in the upper strata. At first glance, this swimming jig has a traditional shape, but look closer, and you’ll notice some special features that make its action radically different than any other “tin” on the market for both fast and slow retrieves. For starters, instead of a vertical eyelet, a horizontal hook tie allows exaggeration of side-to-side swinging motion during the retrieve. A high-quality split ring attached to the hook tie enhances that motion even further, making this lure irresistible to predators on the prowl. Through-wire construction also assures you’re truly ready to battle lunkers with the ability to absolutely wreck lesser tackle.

Engineered to be both aerodynamic and hydrodynamic, the slender Zakana is also perfectly balanced for long, straight casts and is perfectly sized to match small profile baitfish. That means you can toss it a mile to avoid spooking your quarry while being certain it will match the hatch and land right on target every time. Throw in those worried-looking big black eyes and you just know it’s going to be mistaken for a panicked or injured baitfish that’s become separated from the school. With VMC 9626 saltwater grade hooks, you’ll stick any beast that strikes whether casting, jigging or on the troll.

“Hands down, Daiwa Zakana jigs are the most versatile lures in my arsenal,” says Capt. Gerry Mahieu, a West Coast guide, skipper and tournament director for Saltwater Bass Series. “I love to throw them at boiling tuna and skip them back along the surface. That fast, free-swinging motion absolutely infuriates those fish and brings on massive surface explosions. While the lure is designed for fishing the upper strata, it’s also great for jigging deep. I’ll drop it down and vertically jig for rockfish in 250- to 300-foot depths. That slender profile really matches up well with our local baitfish, so it really gets the job done.”

Photo courtesy of saltwaterbassseries.com

While Zakana jigs are primarily used to tempt aggressive feeders on or near the surface, Daiwa’s Rock-Rover sports a one-of-a-kind design intended to slowly and deliberately probe the bottom with either a vertical or fluttering horizonal presentation.

“This jig is truly unique in that it’s designed specifically for bottom fishing,” explains Mills. “With a sleek, bullet design, it gets down quickly and is great for targeting East and Gulf coast species that love to hang within ten feet of the sea floor, especially around reefs. Think grouper, snapper, fluke and seabass off the East and Gulf coasts and rockfish or sand bass along the West Coast.”

Examine the Rock Rover and you’ll immediately notice it has multiple anchor points to provide a selection of rigging options. Where you connect the line determines if the lure smoothly glides parallel just inches from the bottom or flutters actively up to several feet above. Attach the lure to the front eye for a deep, steady glide or choose either body hook tie for a higher, more animated presentation.

“The Rock Rover excels at tempting fish that aren’t overly aggressive,” continues Mills. “With a supple, natural colored 4.5-inch squid skirt and size 2/0 double-assist hook subtly trailing the hard body, plus large imitation abalone shell eyes to attract extra attention, it’s great for sealing the deal with light biters. Just as important, this lure is snag resistant. If you feel it getting stuck, simply jiggle the line and the Rock Rover’s own weight and body design will usually help it wiggle free of obstruction.”

Daiwa Rock Rover

Mahieu puts the Rock Rover to good use on rockfish and other cellar dwellers, often in water depths of 300 feet or more. He uses the lure right out of the package with no added skirts, grubs or strip baits. Once it reaches the bottom, he’ll simply lift it up and drop it back down with a steady, smooth motion.

“With this lure I really like the multiple line ties,” explains Mahieu. “If I want to change the action a bit, I simply retie using a different anchor point. Another great feature is the double 2X hooks. They keep the fish pinned for the entire ride to the surface. The Rock Rover is a great option for fish that are biting softly. Often, hits register as extra weight at the end of the line, so set the hook anytime the lure feels a little different – you probably have a fish on.”

Built to be fluttered, bounced, scraped and dragged along the bottom, the ultra-rugged Rock Rover is available in glow, gold, red and sardine, with weights ranging from 2.8 to 7 ounces and hard body lengths measuring 3.5 to 4.5 inches. Retail prices range from $8.99 to $14.99.

Zakana swimming jigs are available in sizes ranging from 8 to 130 grams and come in eight laser pattern or polished chrome match-the-hatch colors, plus nine new pastel hues recently released. Retail prices range from $7.99 to $10.99.

With seven jig styles including Zakana standard and pastel color options, Sl Semi Long, Mr Slow, FK, Saltiga SK and Rock Rover Jigs, Daiwa has you covered from top to bottom and coast to coast. Tie one on, set the hook and revel in the satisfaction that jig strikes deliver day after day and year after year.

“From tuna on the surface to banging the bottom for rockfish – and everywhere in-between – you need to have these Daiwa jigs in your box,” concludes Mahieu. “With them, you can cover all the bases.”

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