DAIWA Ramps up Tatula Elite Bass Rod Series

Cypress, CA – Relying on extensive input from some of the best pro anglers competing on the B.A.S.S. and Major League Fishing tournament circuits, DAIWA brings new blank construction technology and a lighter ‘Air Sensor’ reel seat to its expanding, now 29-model technique specific Tatula Elite bass rod series. Along with the upgrade to rods in the existing Tatula Elite lineup, models have been added for today’s advanced fishing techniques. In the nine all new rods now being offered, bass anglers will find unique spinning rods for casting hair jigs long distances, and longer length cranking rods built with lighter glass blank material, so baits will dive even deeper.

At the core of the redesigned Tatula Elite bass rods is DAIWA’s exclusive SVF NANOPLUS graphite and X45 Bias blank construction. “Plus, these new rods are even lighter by using our ‘Micropitch’ heating process that puts extensive pressure on the blank to give them more muscle while keeping that light-in-hand feel,” said DAIWA’s Marketing Manager Marc Mills. “The new carbon graphite ‘Air Sensor’ reel also adds to the rods’ overall lightness. And on the Tatula Elite cranking rods, anglers will also notice lighter glass material used, which combined with the Air Sensor reel seat brings better overall sensitivity.”

Within new Tatula Elite lineup, bass anglers will also notice new lengths and actions designed for even more advanced techniques, each designed by DAIWA’s Team Tatula pro anglers Brett Ehlers, Randy Howell, Takahiro Omori, Cody Meyer, Seth Feider, Ish Monroe, Patrick Walters, Corey Johnston, and Chris Johnston.

Brett Ehlers’ key contribution to the new rods in the series is the Tatula Elite TTEL801MHRB-G, an 8’ medium-heavy power deep-cranking rod with an EVA split grip so he can make longer casts to make his baits run as deep as possible.

Randy Howell takes the ‘universal’ approach with his Tatula Elite TTEL721MHRB 7’2” EVA split grip power casting rod for finesse techniques and smaller topwater lures when accurate casts are a must.

Takahiro Omari worked on his Tatula Elite TTEL701MHRB-G 7’ glass cranking rod with an EVA split grip to handle 1/2- to 2-ounce cranking and moving baits.

It’s all about small searchbaits and paddle-style swimbaits with Cody Meyer’s new Tatula TTEL761MHRB 7’6” casting rod with an EVA split grip, which he says offers a soft tip for added sensitivity and the length needed for long distance casting.

“DAIWA worked with me to design what I feel is the perfect weapon to fish jerkbaits,” said Seth Feider. His new Tatula TTEL691MLRB 6’9” medium-light power casting rod with an EVA split grip has a medium action, so that big smallmouth won’t pull away from jerkbaits with smaller treble hooks.

Ish Monroe went with an extra-sensitive tip on his Tatula Elite TTEL801XHB 8’ extra heavy power casting rod with an EVA split grip to keep it lighter, making it ideal for punchin’ and flippin’ with heavier J-Braid to handle big bass.

Going with a straight cork grip, Patrick Walters designed his go-to Tatula Elite TTEL761HRB-G heavy-power 7’6” glass cranking rod to make long casts and drive his crankbaits deep. He notes the new ‘Air Sensor’ reel seats now featured on the Tatula Elite rods keep them light and adds sensitivity.

The ‘Canadian Invasion’ makes it mark within the new Tatula Elite rods with two unique models. Corey Johnston brings to the new lineup his Tatula Elite TTEL751MHRB soft stickbaits/football jig 7’5” medium-heavy power casting rod with a straight cork grip. He calls it his ‘everything’ rod for all his bottom contact techniques.

Chris Johnston designed what he says, “is the absolute best rod out there for when it comes to durability and sensitivity.” His Tatula Elite TTEL761MLFS 7’6” medium-light power hair jig spinning rod with a cork split grip enables anglers to make long cast and offers a whip action for solid hooksets when using lighter line.

DAIWA’s new Tatula Elite bass rod lineup offers models in lengths, powers, and actions for every bass fishing technique, from bladed jigs, small and large crankbaits, lipless cranks, dropshot and shaky head situations, to casting frogs and spinnerbaits, and working big worms. “There’s a great deal of excitement as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Tatula brand,” said DAIWA’s Mills. “These new Tatula Elite rods take us into the next decade and demonstrate our commitment to bring the best bass fishing tackle we can to avid anglers.”


Being introduced at the Bassmaster Classic Expo in Knoxville on Friday, March 24, DAIWA launches a redesign and new models to its popular Tatula Elite bass rod series, which now total 29 technique specific models developed in collaboration with leading B.A.S.S. and MLF tournament pros. Anglers will experience the muscle and light feel from DAIWA’s new Micropitch heating process to the exclusive SVF NANOPLUS graphite and X45 Bias blank construction, along with a component upgrade to Air Sensor reel seats for added sensitivity.

New technique-specific rods being added include a hair jig spinning rod from Chris Johnston and Corey Johnston’s casting rod to work football jigs – both showcasing the impact of the ‘Canadian Invasion’ is having on bass fishing – along with glass cranking rods from Brett Ehlers and Takahiro Omari.

All 29 rods are offered for $189.99 (USD).

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