Daiwa Launches Lexa TW Reel

Cypress, CA – Behold the newest of saltwater low-profile baitcasting reels, Daiwa’s brilliantly designed Lexa TW 300/400. Style, innovation, research, and passion come together in the birth of the new Lexa TW 300/400. Anticipated for years by saltwater anglers—a long-casting and palmable low-profile saltwater baitcaster—it’s finally here!

“Lexa fans have been waiting for these versions of their favorite for some time,” says Marc Mills, Daiwa Field Marketing Manager. “We’re proud to offer exactly what anglers have been asking for in the Lexa 300/400. It offers a new level of palmability and casts that are 20%-30% longer given the larger T-Wing System.”

For starters, the Lexa 300/400 features an aluminum frame and handle-side sideplate that keeps all the gears in precise alignment. Speaking of gears and precise alignment, the new Lexas feature a very unique gear train that utilizes a brass main gear and a stainless steel pinion gear. The reason two different metals are utilized is the brass and stainless steel mesh well together so for casting and retrieving lures it’s very smooth. The stainless steel pinion gear is a much harder material than the brass; Daiwa employs the stainless steel to maintain durability when casting and retrieving heavy lures and high drag pressure.

Once again giving saltwater anglers more preferences in the performance of the reel, the Lexa also features an adjustable power handle that allows anglers to set for either 70 or 80 millimeters, depending on personal preference to control the preferred overall handle length. Daiwa’s proven Magforce system is also employed in the new Lexa that allows the angler to adjust the tension of the spool and castability from a non-handle side of the reel dial with settings that range from zero to twenty. This allows a reduction in backlashes, longer casts in the wind, and better overall control of the reel.

“Another important design consideration adding to the Lexa’s supreme performance,” comments Mills, “is Daiwa built the entire reel around 8 corrosion-resistant bearings specifically designed for saltwater use and one one-way roller bearing.”

The reel also offers Daiwa’s Ultimate Tournament (UTD) system for a maximum of 28.7 pounds of drag pressure.

The reel is available in right- and left-handed versions in three different gear ratios: 6.3:1, 7.1:1, and 8.1:1. And on the Lexa 400, anglers can also choose a 5.3:1 gear ratio. All were designed to meet the needs and expectations of saltwater anglers fishing different presentations.

For saltwater anglers seeking their next premium, precision long-casting baitcasting reel, look no further than the Lexa TWS 300/400, a reel engineered with advanced technology and constructed of the finest and most durable materials available.


  • Larger T-Wing System (TWS)
  • 70/80mm Adjustable Power Handle
  • Aluminum Frame Sideplate (gearside)
    43mm Aluminum Deep Spool
  • Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD)
  • Aluminum Star Drag
  • ALL Corrosion-Resistant Ball Bearings

MSRP $349.99/$379.99

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