Daiwa DIGIGEAR Technology Promises the Ultimate in Reel Performance

Cypress, CA  – Daiwa is renowned for technological achievements that set industry standards for reel performance. One of Daiwa’s biggest advancements comes in the form DIGIGEAR technology.

In a nutshell, DIGIGEAR is the process by which Daiwa’s machined, digitally developed gearing creates maximum performance and endurance. Embedded in Daiwa’s lightweight reel bodies, DIGIGEAR transmits smoothly and efficiently the power of the reel directly to the angler.

“DIGIGEAR is digitally-cut gearing that’s very precise and allows for perfect meshing of the main gear and the pinion gear. The result is extreme smoothness and promises even longer gear durability, so the better the gears are meshed together, the longer the gearing will feel good on the reel,” says Daiwa Field Marketing Manager, Marc Mills.

“We do this out of several different materials. Once a gear is stamped out or machined, it’s then digitally cut and polished to perfection in the next process before it’s put into circulation for being put in a reel. We do this in our zinc gears in our entry- to midrange reels, as well as cold-forged aluminum and brass you’ll find in the LT reels. In those reels you’ll find a cold-forged aluminum main gear and brass pinion gear. Besides being cut in a machine they are then digitally laser cut to fit perfectly together,” continues Mills.

DIGIGEAR delivers smoothness and fluidity to the gearing, letting you feel the lure and bites better. For many anglers, just that silky feel can make all the difference between sensing a strike and not sensing a strike. If you can feel tiny gear grooves along with your crankbait vibrating, it can throw things off. With DIGIGEAR, the angler senses any small change to the lure movement, from a fish taking the bait to a fish simply knocking the bait.

“It’s not just an improvement in how the reel feels for reeling the fish in,” says Mills. “That’s a portion of it, and what every angler wants to feel. Advanced anglers can tell when there’s just a little vibration in the reel. You don’t want to be in a position where you’re wondering if the vibration was the reel or the bait. Sometimes fish won’t eat the bait, they’ll just knock it. That little movement when a fish knocks the crankbait an inch is something you sense with DIGIGEAR,” adds Mills.

DIGIGEAR is a technological improvement found in our entry-level zinc spinning reels and some entry baitcasters, all the way to Daiwa’s upper-end, high performance reels. Some of the reels’ gearing is manufactured out of bronze, which is really hard, while others are made of aluminum. Some gears are made of brass and others are made of zinc. All are digitally cut and polished, so there’s perfect meshing between the main gear and the pinion gear.

“DIGIGEAR means a lot to our reels. The biggest result is the smoothness and durability of the gears, which is unparalleled in the industry. You can have reels that feel great in the store but the first day you fish them their performance suffers. Our DIGIGEAR process has created perfectly cut and meshed gearing, resulting in increased sensitivity and smoothness as well as strength and long life,” remarks Mills.

Looking for the ultimate in reel smoothness and high performance? Look no further than Daiwa’s extensive family of reels with DIGIGEAR technology. You won’t be disappointed.

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