Custom Jigs & Spins expands the Pro Series Slender Spoon Spectrum With New In-Demand Sizes

CORALVILLE, Iowa — Minnows? Nope. Shad? Not’a. Aquatic insects? Not even close. Go ahead fishin’ geeks, take the micrometer from out of your pocket-protector and start measuring. It won’t take you long to realize no two specimens in nature are exactly the same size.

Now mull over the all different movements made by each and every species. Heck, even a change in weather has underwater critters slithering and writhing with a different-dance, day-to-day, even hour-to-hour.

What’s the point? Simply put, if you’re not willing to experiment with lures of different sizes and actions to best match the forage swimming about, you’re not going to catch as many fish.

Predator fish can be picky; enough so that if something looks out of sorts, they’ll turn tail and swim off without second guessing. And it’s this sometimes moody “match-the-hatch” demeanor why Custom Jigs & Spins has added two new sizes to the popular Pro Series Slender Spoons collection. Based on angler demand, Custom Jigs & Spins has forged a shorter and sassier version, as well as another stamped thicker for a quicker fall and slightly different flicker. jpeg-4

“The Pro Series Slender Spoon is already a great option for crappies, walleyes, ‘gills and… well, any kind of fish for that matter,” states Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, Custom Jigs & Spins pro staffer Loren Keizer. “And these two new sizes offer a whole new dimension to the fish-catching game.

“Now anglers can match the size and stroke of forage better than ever with these proven painted spoons, offering a shorter one with more action for when fishing shallow water, and another that falls fast for when fish are deep.”

Just in time for the up-coming ice-fishing season, Custom Jigs & Spins is making available the new 1-inch, 1/16-ounce Pro Series Slender Spoon – perfect for when fish prefer a smaller profile spoon that flutters like no other. And for the further-fathoms, a 1.5-incher that weighs in at 5/16-ounce for fish down deep, or, when less lure locomotion is preferred.

All 28 irresistible colors (14 each on either metallic nickel or gold) are available in both new spoon sizes. And like every Pro Series Slender Spoon to come before, each sports a superiorly-sharp VMC Spark Point treble hook and a high-quality snap to insure you always get the most from the spoon’s unique flutter on the fall.

Go ahead, make a change. Tie on a new Pro Series Slender Spoon and refine your presentation.