In Part 1 and Part 2, we showed you a mixture of both fresh and saltwater goodies from the Pure Fishing family, but this week it’s all about the salt with first looks from perennial briny ballers PENN, Berkley, and Shakespeare. Whether you fish inshore or off, back country or the open surf there is something here to get you excited!

Berkley Saltwater Hardbaits

Berkley brings their science to saltwater hardbaits in this new bait line-up which offers technology-driven designs promising to outfish all others.

The saltwater environment is a rough place to call home from the oversized and often toothy creatures that feed there, to the corrosive nature of the water itself. Traditional hardbaits have always been at odds with Mother Nature, and until today they seldom came out on top. Designed from the ground up to excel in the salt, every lure in the Berkley Saltwater Hardbaits line-up was put through exhaustive testing and prototyping to produce the most durable, best-casting, super lifelike line of lures available on the market today. Taking things even further, all saltwater series baits carry Berkley 3X Fusion19 treble hooks designed specifically for the salt and are available in a plethora of fish-approved colors.

Berkley Choppo Saltwater HD Blueback Herring 105

The Choppo Saltwater is an easy-to-use topwater lure for anglers of all abilities. Chunk and wind the Berkley Choppo Saltwater around cover and in open water for a major waking action that is certain to draw in gamefish from far and wide. The Choppo’s durable tail propeller won’t melt in your tackle box, and the enhanced surface area provides more sound and spray to get noticed even in the harshest of conditions. The precision balance of the bait further ensures that its action begins the moment you engage your reel, and it stays swimming straight and true at any speed. Available in two sizes and nine colors.

Berkley JWalker 100 Saltwater Bone

The J-Walker Saltwater is built on a classic and proven topwater style bait. Featuring a sleek tail-weighted design, the J-Walker has been refined throughout countless prototypes to provide exceptional casting distance and accuracy while still delivering an easy walk-the-dog action thanks to the hydrodynamic shape, precision balance point and resting position. Work it fast, slow, or in-between to experience explosive strikes from fierce saltwater gamefish of all types, Available in two sizes and nine colors.

Berkley CaneWalker Saltwater Mullet 125

Excelling when you need to attract hefty saltwater gamefish in nautical conditions, the Cane Walker Saltwater delivers more surface disturbance than any other Berkley topwater lure yet. Combine loud rattles, a spitting cupped face and long-casting ability and you have just about the perfect topwater lure to get their attention. Available in one size and nine colors.

Berkley HighJacker Saltwater Pilchard 100

Designed for targeting aggressive, schooling predators, the Berkley HighJacker Saltwater has been refined to deliver the long, accurate casts so often needed when targeting predators that are actively hunting bait. The unique hydrodynamic shape is ideal for matching smaller bait while its weighting system allows for easy walking action even at high speeds. Available in one size and nine colors.

PENN Slammer IV


PENN Slammer IV Spinning 5500

The Slammer IV is PENN’s best in class full range of spinning reels, built for the angler who expects gear that can handle the stress of hard-pulling gamefish. Sealed to PENN’s highest standard yet (IPX6), the Slammer IV features many technical improvements over past generations. These technical improvements include a lighter minimum drag setting, hydrophobic bearing line roller and an additional seal under the rotor. A high-speed version as well as 2500 size will be added to the line-up which currently includes sizes from 3500 on up to 10500.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater Rods

For the challenge of big game fishing, year in and year out anglers around the world choose Ugly Stick Bigwater rods to haul in their trophy fish. Dependability, toughness, and durability is the backbone of this series. Be prepared to conquer any situation with the new and improved Ugly Stick Bigwater Series.

You will still find the long-standing favorite features of the Ugly Stick Bigwater line including the Ugly Stik Clear Tip for extra strength, Ugly Tech which combines graphite and fiberglass for unmatched strength and sensitivity, EVA grips and 7-year warranty in every rod. Building on this platform, new for 2021 there are models with Fuji reel seats, Ugly Tuff Slick Butts, aluminum gimbals, PacBay roller guides and updated and brighter cosmetics.

Ugly Stik Bigwater PENN Pursuit IV Spinning Combo

Available in a wide range of lengths and powers for general purpose boat, standup offshore, surf, downrigger/dipsy diver, and even perfectly matched combos with both spinning and conventional reel options.

Check back next week for the final Pure Fishing ICAST 2021 product debut as we close out with a pair of super-hot items from Abu Garcia and PowerBait!