Countdown To ICAST 2021 With Pure Fishing – Part 2

Last week we showed you a bunch of awesome new products from Pure Fishing family members making their debut at ICAST 2021 including Berkley Gulp!, Berkley Stunna, Berkley PowerBait MaxScent, Abu Garcia MaxPro LP and Shakespeare. This week’s installment highlights four product lines (Berkley PowerBait, PENN Pursuit, Abu Garcia Veritas, and Berkley Magic Swimmer) with something for every angler, fresh or salt.

Check them out today and be the first one on your block to set your eyes on what are sure to be some of this summer’s best sellers and most sought-after products!

Berkley PowerBait

Berkley PowerBait makes novice anglers good and good anglers great! Berkley scientists have spent more than 25 years perfecting a scent and flavor that is absolutely irresistible to fish—the exclusive PowerBait formula. Fish love PowerBait so much that they hold on 18 times longer, giving you the time and confidence to feel more bites, set more hooks and catch more fish!

For 2021, Berkley is adding two all-new shapes as well as a slew of great new colors to two of the hottest baits in the PowerBait lineup.

PowerBait Gilly HD Bluegill 110mm

Berkley breaks into the swimbait category and brings PowerBait to the party. The Gilly was designed in a collaboration with bass pro, Mike “Ike” Iaconelli. Jam-packed with PowerBait flavor, you can rig the Gilly sideways on a Texas rig, pinned on a jig head or weighted swimbait hook, on a line-through stinger hook rig or even on a drop shot rig. The hollow head allows for easy, crushing strikes as well as aids in vertical orientation when swimming the bait. Available in six lifelike HD Tru Colors (HD Warmouth, HD Yellow Perch, HD Sunfish, HD Pumpkinseed, HD Bluegill and HD Crappie), six standard colors (Black Blue Fleck, Blue Shiner Gold, Ike’s Green Pumpkin Blue Flash, Green Pumpkin, Pumpkinseed and Watermelon Candy) and three sizes (90mm, 110mm and 130mm), the Gilly produces an unbelievably natural presentation in shape, color, and action!

PowerBait AgentE HD Yellow Perch

The second new shape in the Berkley PowerBait family, Agent E was designed with an internal weighting to provide an ultra-low center of gravity that perfectly mimics bottom-dwelling forage. Designed with help from pro angler Edwin Evers, the side-to-side kicking at slow speeds demands attention while it can also be swum in the midwater depths like a more traditional swimbait. Add in the custom Edwin Evers designed hook keeper and you can work it through the nastiest grass and debris without hanging up but still hook even the lightest of bites. Agent E is available in nine colors (HD Bluegill, HD Brown Craw, HD Gizzard Shad, HD Chartreuse Shad, HD Goby, HD Yellow Perch, Bruised Sapphire, Green Pumpkin Red Fleck and Peanut Butter and Jelly) and three sizes (2.25″ / 3/8 oz, 3″ / 1/2 oz or ¾ oz and 3.75″ / 1 oz).

PowerBait The General Black Blood 6 inch

Berkley PowerBait The General is one of their best sellers. In addition to the 24 existing colors already available, nine eye-popping new colors are being added including five firetails (Green Pumpkin/Chartreuse, Black/Blood, Black/Chartreuse, Black Blue Fleck/Blue and Green Pumpkin/Black) and four solids (Bubblegum, G.O.A.T., Grimace and Carmel Apple). Get that awesome classic stickbait wiggle action whether you rig it wacky, Texas or weightless and weedless on a worm hook as The General excels across the board!

PowerBait Chigger Craw Summer Craw 4 inch

Last up in the new products hitting the Berkley PowerBait line up, seven new colors are being added to the classic go-to bait, the Chigger Craw, including Okeechobee Craw, Summer Craw, Alabama Craw, Blue Craw, G.O.A.T., Grunge and Labatt. Whether fished fast or slow, on a Texas rig, chatterbait or as a trailer on your favorite jig, the lifelike action of the fluttering claws simply drives bass crazy!

PENN Pursuit IV Combos

PENN Pursuit IV Combo 6000 Surf

The PENN Pursuit IV Spinning Combo is great for inshore, boat and surf fishing. This combo combines Pursuit IV spinning reels in size 2500 to 8000 with graphite composite rods for an affordable and durable fish-taming set-up. The reel features an ultra-lightweight, corrosion-resistant graphite body, and houses a powerful HT-100 carbon fiber drag system, making the Pursuit IV a great value for the money for saltwater anglers on all coasts. Available in 13 different combos including both standard and travel packages to meet all your needs.

PENN Pursuit IVLE Combo 6000

The PENN Pursuit IV LE Spinning Combos are available in a range of sizes from 2500 to size 6000 spinning reels and come paired with graphite composite rod blanks. The new PENN custom Winn grip will provide a comfortable, seamless, and secure rod to reel connection to keep anglers fishing longer, and with less fatigue.

Abu Garcia Veritas Combos

Abu Garcia is pushing combos from a value purchase to an expertly curated and balanced combo for experienced anglers. Available in both baitcast and spinning versions, the Abu Garcia Veritas Combos pack performance and style in a great package. These combos feature a Zata V reel with a 10+1 bearing system paired with a lightweight Veritas rod constructed of 30 Ton graphite combined with Powerlux 100 resin and pushes the limits of high-performance fishing combos.

Abu Garcia Veritas Casting Combo

The baitcast combos are available in four configurations with both left and righthand retrieve Zata V reels featuring a Carbon Matrix drag system, graphite frame and sideplates, Duragear brass gearing, Infini brake system and compact bent handle with easy-to-adjust star drag. Each rod features titanium alloy guides with ultra-light zirconium inserts, ergonomic Abu designed reel seats and closed cell EVA grips.

Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning Combo

All five spinning combos feature Veritas spinning reels made with a lightweight aluminum frame, rocket spool lip design and rocket line management system for better control of all types of fishing line. Each rod features titanium guides built on a ROCS (robotically optimized casting system) guide train, closed cell EVA grips and ergonomic Abu designed reel seats.

Berkley Magic Swimmer


Berkley Magic Swimmer Ghostescent

The original Sebile Magic Swimmer is back and now available from Berkley. A longtime favorite among anglers, the Magic Swimmer is a revolutionary design that undulates its jointed body and presents a very natural swimming action even during steady retrieves. Popular with anglers worldwide and used to attract all species in all types of water, its natural swimming action is just too much for gamefish to resist. Available in hard or soft versions, the Magic Swimmer is all about the tapered nose and humpbacked head which slices through the water, making turbulence first on one side, then the other. All models (Floating, Sinking and Fast Sinking) are stable swimmers and equally effective whether cast or trolled. Available in seven sizes and 15 colors (American Shad, Ayu, Blue Dark Sardine, Bunker, Chrome/Chartreuse, Fire Tiger gold, Ghostescent, Golden Goggle Eye, Green Mackerel, Greenback Ghost, Holo Greenie, Natural Golden Shiner, Natural Shiner, Silver Mullet and White Liner), all models now come rigged with upgraded Fusion 19 treble hooks.

Be sure to check back in the coming days for the next batch of hot new ICAST product debuts from the Pure Fishing brand family including Berkley, PENN, Shakespeare, Abu Garcia and more!