Cotton Carrier Announces New Video “Cotton Carrier Action Hero”

North Vancouver, Canada – There’s no photo assignment too extreme for Cotton Carrier. That’s the central theme of “Cotton Carrier Action Hero,” the new entertainment video released this week by Cotton Carrier Camera Systems. Follow an enterprising photographer/action hero as he stops at nothing to get his shot. As he runs, jumps and flips his way to the subject, his camera is safely and securely attached to his Cotton Carrier Camera Vest.

Cotton Carrier’s videos have always shown how well their products work in extreme situations. President and creator Andy Cotton, along with CEO Brook Parker and marketing and advertising director Grant Vetters wanted to take their next video a step further, with the goal of developing an entertaining video that would highlight the unique features of the Cotton Carrier Camera Vest. They chose a Parkour/Freerunner as the ideal personality to promote this concept.

“The Cotton Carrier Camera Vest is a completely unique and innovative way to carry a camera that is both safe and worry-free,” Parker said. “No other product on the market can hold a camera so securely that you can literally run around and do the flips displayed in the ‘Action Hero’ video.”

Not only does the Camera Vest dependably support your camera while always making it instantly available, it also virtually eliminates all weight of the camera from your neck and shoulders.

“At trade shows world-wide, people are always amazed and a huge grin inevitably forms on their face when they try out a Cotton Carrier Camera Vest,” Parker said. “It is one thing for us to claim you won’t feel your camera, it’s another thing to actually NOT feel it!”

Although “Action Hero” portrays an extreme use of the product, the Camera Vest is well suited to all kinds of situations including biking, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing and travel photography.

“You don’t even have to be someone who is physically active to enjoy a Cotton Carrier,” Andy Cotton said. “A huge portion of our customers are people who just want to travel and walk around new places without the inevitable neck and shoulder strain that accompanies the traditional neck strap.”

Watch the “Cotton Carrier Action Hero” video at Anyone who shares the video from the Cotton Carrier Facebook page will have the chance to win a $300 gift certificate to one of Cotton Carrier’s partner retailers.

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