Elementary Español: How to Catch a Geobass in Mexico

Robbed in the heat of a drug war. Fleeing drug cartels in a tiny boat with a small outboard motor. A broken down truck full of vegetable oil.

Those were the results of the last trip Geobass took to Mexico.

But on top of that, the team had a bigger problem—they had no idea how to catch a bass.

The solution started with a phone call to the co-owner of B.A.S.S and legendary angler Jerry McKinnis. That’s where the latest episode of Costa’s Geobass picks up: in fishing school. More specifically, at the 2014 Bassmaster Classic.

At the Classic, the boys learn that fly fishing is not the best way to catch bass. Shocking. Naturally, they set back to Mexico with cameras, fly rods, and fly-tying rigs in tow. But this time they have a better plan. Step one is to stay away from the cartels. Step two starts in the freshly-minted government supported reservoir of Lake Picachos, where they find bass-education by fire.

From there, it’s on to the fabled El Salto to find the biggest bass ever caught on a fly rod, and maybe the biggest bass ever caught in Mexico. For anglers, it’s can’t-miss action. For the Geobass team, it’s a chance for redemption: