Combat Crankbait

Cypress, CA – Famous wartime generals like George Washington, Douglas McArthur and George Patton are household names. But unless they were friends or family, good luck naming the troops. But we all know who hunkers in the trenches and storms the enemy: the foot soldiers. Blockers and tacklers for you football fans. It’s in this spirit that Ever Green developed the CR-Series. These badass crankbaits always come to play, are infinitely dependable, and make for the ideal core lineup in any bass fishing battalion. And now, the veteran baits come sporting three new uniforms.

The five-size series – each geared for a specific depth range – act like a lipless crankbait to quickly suss-out an extensive area for active fish. Known for their superior casting range, CR-Series baits remain surprisingly light for comfortable reeling all day. The CR’s also possess a well-defined swimming action with unrivaled balance. Anatomically, you’ll appreciate their dead-ringer shad profile, accurate eyeballs, scale and gill patterns, dastardly sharp hooks, and durable diving bills.

New colors include Champion Shad, Chart Shad, and Ghost Wakasagi complement the existing palette of Diamond Shad, Ayu, Blue Back Chart, Fire Craw, Olive Crawdad, Queen Shad, Pre-Spawn Dynamite, Hologram Wakasagi, Pumpkinseed, Cold Shad, Oki Gold, Oki Chart, Skeleton Wakasagi, and Half Mirror Shad.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the individual models.


Skillful at dodging of obstacles, especially treacherous grass, preventing bite reduction often caused by grass entanglement. Even under tough conditions when water quality declines in the spring and fall (due to turnover, etc.), the CR-6 performs consistently with a forcefulness that induces reaction bites. With its super-long casting and superb obstruction-avoiding capabilities, the CR-6 is an ingenious force that moves effortlessly in shallow expanses and complex shallow covers.

  • DIVES: 4- to 6-feet
  • LENGTH: 2 1/4-inch (58mm)
  • WEIGHT: 7/16-ounce (13.2g)
  • HOOKS: #6
  • MSRP $15.99


Reliable and easy to use, the CR-8 is a no-nonsense crankbait that promises steady results. Using the tungsten weight transfer system as its main weight, the CR-8 casts tremendous distances, even against headwinds, with low-orbit thanks to a body and lip designed for maximum reduction of air resistance. At the same time, the CR-8 offers supreme accuracy for near- to medium-distance casting. A low-gravity fixed sub-weight system solves the recovery problem commonly experienced in conventional models employing a weight transfer system. The hexagonal cross-section of the CR-8 creates color variations and heightens its flashing effect, too.

  • DIVES: 5- to 8-feet
  • LENGTH: 2 ¼-inch (58mm)
  • WEIGHT: ½-ounce (13.7g)
  • HOOKS: #6
  • MSRP $15.99


The CR-10, like all members of the CR-Series, boasts remarkable casting distances. The crankbait’s ability to go against the wind puts it at a decisive advantage, especially on big lakes, making long-distance traces easier. Also, despite its compact design, the CR-10 easily reaches depths of 10 feet, attracts schools of fish, and stimulates bites with its natural, high-pitch rolling and vivid wobbling action. The CR-10 is resistant to grass hang-ups and allows anglers to cast and reel all day long comfortably.

  • DEPTH: 8- to 10-feet
  • LENGTH: 2 ½-inch (64mm)
  • WEIGHT: 9/16-ounce (16.5g)
  • HOOKS: #6
  • MSRP $16.99


The CR-13 boasts the greatest castability in the series, delivering powerful distance — an absolute must for deep crankbaits — and maintains its balance through crosswinds and headwinds. Designed to

perform as a 13-foot diver, the CR-13 summons strikes, bringing the unseeable world deep beneath the surface right back to the angler’s hands. With surprisingly light drag and resistance, the CR-13 adapts

to any rod and allows for comfortable fishing all day long. In addition to tremendous distance, the CR-13 also achieves steady and consistent action with a light tugging sensation.

  • DEPTH: 10-to 13-feet
  • LENGTH: 2 ¾-inches (68mm)
  • WEIGHT: ¾-ounce (21.0g)
  • HOOKS: #4
  • MSRP $16.99


The CR-16 casts superbly while its light retrieval resistance is hard to come by in a deep crankbait. It can search deeper than 13-feet on the cast (maximum depth: 16-feet), and even deeper than 25-feet when long lining. The CR-16’s irregular, secondary action draws strikes while knocking the bottom, as well as at mid-level depths. The CR-16 raises the level of deep cranking — whether in big lakes, reservoirs, or rivers.

  • DEPTH: 14- to 16-feet
  • LENGTH: 3-inches (75mm)
  • WEIGHT: 15/16-ounce (26.0g)
  • HOOKS: #6
  • MSRP $17.99

Rumor is that “CR” stands for “Combat Ready”. Naming aside, trust that Ever Green’s CR-Series is battle tested and ready for deployment after deployment… and victory after victory.

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