Columbia Omni-Freeze ZERO

Columbia Sportswear Previews Omni-Freeze ZERO

Posted on 07/03/2012

Columbia Omni-FreezeColumbia Sportswear, a global leader in active outdoor apparel, footwear, and accessories, recently announced the upcominng Spring 2013 availability of Omni-Freeze ZERO, the company’s latest groundbreaking apparel technology.
Omni-Freeze Zero is the culmination of a four-year effort to develop a new, revolutionary line of apparel that becomes cooler in hot, moist conditions. Distinctive little blue rings, embedded and visible in the fabric of Omni-Freeze ZERO apparel and footwear, contain a special cooling polymer. When exposed to sweat or moisture, these rings actually swell (similar to goose bumps) creating an instant and prolonged cooling sensation.
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