Close With A Better Open

More retail sales are lost on the initial greeting of customers by your staff than any other point in the sales process. A generic, disheartening opening turns away more customers and will lose you more sales and more potential sales than many retailers realize.

Each customer should be approached and greeted with a smile first as your sales staff makes eye contact with them. Remind your staff that the customers have other stores they could shop, but they chose your store; reassure each customer that they chose correctly by greeting them individually. Instead of greeting each customer with just an uninterested “Can I help you?” Have your staff thank each customer they see on the sales floor for coming in. Each member of your floor staff should use their own verbiage for this greeting and make it their own. Remind them the greeting must be sincere and cheerful. They should be thankful for each customer that comes in to shop; the customer, after all, is paying their salary. Have your staff practice this technique for one month and you will see the difference in your sales at the end of the month.