CEC America Sets Carrot Stix Straight

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CALIFORNIA – CEC AMERICA, a multinational distribution and Supply Chain company, announced today that it has taken over the Carrot StixTM brand. CEC’s focus is to provide a powerful supply chain and customer service to deliver to the Carrot StixTM high tech materials and technologies making it one of the most unique Fishing Products in the Industry today.

“In my 28 years in manufacturing I have never seen such customer loyalty and devotion to any brand as I have seen with Carrot Stix” said Jimmy Davlouros Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of CEC America. “I had the great privilege of talking to Fisherman all over the United States and Canada and in some cases I had spent more than half an hour on the phone with them talking about the amazing experiences they had on the water with this brand”.

Jimmy Davlouros a veteran in manufacturing has had quite an extensive level of experience as Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics and was the first American to sit at the Board of Directors of the Korean Product Planning Team. After Being Recruited by Taiwanese company “Qisda” formally “BenQ” Mr. Davlouros served as Executive VP and COO boasting sales of more than $340 Million in his first year in USA and achieved Number One Market Share for Several Product categories.

Also commenting on the re-launch of the Carrot Stix TM brand, Mr. Hugh Yu General Manager of CEC’s California Branch “Catronics USA” stated “we understand the hardships that any business can have that experiences such rapid growth and can overlook the fundamentals and core competencies such as logistics and customer service, and as a result they farm out these fundamental means to 3rd Party companies that can be quite costly and lead companies to financial breakage. Carrot Stix is no Exception. However, I am very pleased and confident that we can bring Carrot Stix to the Professional level of the fundamentals of business and meet eye to eye with the elite Tier 1 status that Carrot Stix brought to the industry in such a short period of time.

CEC recognizes the incredible innovations and material developments of E21’s President and CEO, Dr Hearn PhD, a scientist whose claim to fame was to introduce SCANDIUM to the Market as the 21st Element on the Periodic scale that launched her innovation to the Moon and back in a form of a Golf Club in 2006 and was televised on CNN and thousands of News Stations all over the world. Dr Hearn also developed the latest in cutting-edge technology for the Carrot Stix Fishing Rods, using a newly developed proprietary method of integrating nano level cellulose bio-fibers into the rod. These fishing products were recognized as the “BEST OF SHOW” in the 2007 and 2008” ICAST shows, the world’s largest sports fishing show.

About CEC America
CEC is a very large Chinese government owned company delivering over Four Hundred Billion Dollars in Revenues in 2012 worldwide and reported more than Forty Billion in Profits. These incredible numbers are attributed to CEC’s manufacturing of various technologies mostly in the Electronics industry for such brand names as HP APPLE BLACKBERRY just to name a few, and has a diversified product lineup that includes a slew of outdoor sport products, Attire, Safety and Surveillance equipment and some may very well be displayed under the Carrot StixTM brand name even within this year.

About E21 Sports (American Rare Earths and Materials)
Element 21 is the developer and maker of high-tech materials including advanced Scandium Alloy golf products and biofiber fishing equipment. Element 21’s premier products are golf clubs and fishing poles made out of Scandium Alloys which were originally developed for advanced aeronautics in jet fighters and are lighter and stronger than Titanium, Graphite and Steel. Element 21’s golf clubs have been used by renowned golf pros, such as the winner of the FedEx Cup in 2008.

CONTACT INFO: Jimmy Davlouros jimmyd@catronicsusa.com
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