Catching Up with the ICAST Color Wheel

ORLANDO, Fla. — As the ripples of ICAST bend across the fishing tackle landscape, a plethora of products are causing a stir in the post-show media melee of baits, both new and old. Often, new tackle gets the lion’s share of attention after the industry’s largest trade show; however, gems can remain overlooked in the fray. Not afterthoughts, but new iterations of top-selling tackle already on store shelves today.

Case in point: Yo-Zuri’s debut lineup of colors for its innovative Knucklebait and Crystal Minnow, both stalwarts of a well-stocked tackle store that are now available in new, fish (and angler) catching colors.

The details below:

Crystal Minnow Gets a Refresh

Yo-Zuri’s Crystal Minnow Premium Classic Lures have just gotten better for freshwater with ten new colors to attract predator fish. Five Real colors, mimicking the most popular styles of baitfish, as well as five go-to colors for stained water.

Crystal Minnow Freshwater Floating Finishes reflect all subsurface light, even in the dingiest of murky water. There are several successfully proven methods for fishing this well-known bait. These methods include stop and go, slow to moderate retrieve, or twitch-pause-twitch.

‘’The new freshwater Crystal Minnow has quickly found a special place in my arsenal. The realistic finish, erratic action, and incredible detail of this bait is MONEY! I especially like throwing this bait up north for magnum smallmouth.” –Brandon Card, Bassmaster Elite Series angler

All Crystal Minnow Freshwater lures have Yo-Zuri’s traditionally distinctive “flat sides” and feature highly detailed bodies with ground-breaking prism finishes that light up in even the murkiest water conditions. An injured baitfish will swim erratically, sending out flashes of reflected light from its broadside of scales. These flashes, along with the flat-sided erratic swimming action of the Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Freshwater lures, perfectly mimic the frightened baitfish that prized gamefish seek out and hunt. The natural patterns and colors, combined with the lifelike body shapes and attention to detail on the gill plates, create a strikingly realistic looking injured baitfish.

All Crystal Minnow Freshwater lures have premium components: Japanese black nickel split rings and treble hooks, and  realistic, oversized holographic 3D eyes.  The two-piece, molded body and bill make this one of the toughest and truest running minnows on the market!  Yo-Zuri’s lasting commitment to innovation, diversity and quality has enabled them to continually develop and market the most advanced fish-catching products available around the globe.

New Crystal Minnow finishes include: 

  • Real Glass Minnow
  • Blue Silver
  • Sexy Shad
  • Gold Black
  • Hot Tiger
  • Real Golden Shiner
  • Black Silver
  • Real Blue Back Herring
  • Real Perch
  • Real Smelt

Knucklebait Adds New Colors

Yo-Zuri is proud to announce the addition of more sizes and colors to the biggest innovation to the wire bait market in recent memory. Since its launch, the Knuckle Bait has been a proven fish catcher in both fresh and salt water for a wide range of species.

What gives the Knuckle Bait its name? The ball which is attached to its wire, in a similar position to a spinnerbait blade. But this is no ordinary wire bait. The Knuckle Bait’s action is what makes it so unique. There are two styles of ball that are available; a 3D Prism pattern and a painted Sound Ball pattern. When this bait is retrieved, the ball wobbles erratically, much like a knuckleball thrown from the pitchers’ mound.

“The new variations of the knuckle bait allow it to be fished in any depth, as well as matching the forage size bass are targeting. It’s a killer for pressured fish or in clear water!” –Brandon Cobb, FLW Tour angler

The Knuckle Bait is remarkably aerodynamic, which means it can be cast great distances. It’s also highly versatile as it can be fished by itself or along with a swimbait or creature bait trailer. It can also be fished many different ways: reel quickly to keep it on top, and the Knuckle Bait becomes a wake bait. “Slow roll” it along the bottom and pull it through vegetation; the Knuckle Bait is surprisingly weedless! It also stands upright on the bottom when the retrieve is stopped, allowing anglers to fish it with a flutter-fall technique.

The Knuckle Bait comes in two different finishes: 3D Prism and Painted. In all, anglers can now choose from 10 different colors and three sizes!

Painted Knucklebait finishes include:

  • Black/Blue
  • Chartreuse
  • Red Crawfish
  • and Pearl Shad.
  • The 3D Prism finishes are:
  • Bluegill
  • Chartreuse/White
  • Golden Shiner
  • Gizzard Shad
  • Shad
  • Tennessee Shad