Cannon Downriggers Launches Redesigned Educational Website

RACINE, Wis. — Cannon, the leader in smart, connected downriggers and trolling technology announces the redesign of its website The new, user-friendly website provides a seamless educational and ecommerce experience for anglers looking to run deep with Cannon Downriggers and access new levels of fishing potential. Packed with features and content specific to trolling and fishing at depth, the new site aims to educate and build confidence with downrigger fishing for both new and seasoned anglers.
The educational components integrated into the shopping experience give anglers the confidence to have intimate knowledge of the product, its benefits and applications before an order is placed. Anglers will enjoy new sections dedicated to downrigger basics and technologies such as Positive Ion Control and Bottom Tracking along with applications and benefits of the One-Boat Network, user-selected buying guides and robust product detail pages. The new website is full of informative videos and interactive sections that will bring downrigger fishing to life for those who haven’t yet experienced how these techniques can enhance their on-the-water success.

“Downriggers don’t have to be complicated and we’ve designed a new website to help our anglers break down the basics of controlled-depth fishing, allowing them to apply it to their own fishing style.” Said Braeden Harris, Cannon Associate Brand Manager. “We enjoy seeing Cannon users share their success stories. Helping more anglers experience that success is what drives us to provide detailed information for a better understanding of our products.”

The new website guides consumers through the learning process to determine which product and application is right for their intended use. Starting with Downrigger Basics to help master the understanding of controlled depth fishing.

The concept is the same, but the applications may be different. Cannon makes it easy for anglers to find what they need by identifying which species they target.

Learn from the successes and experiences from the Cannon Pro Staff. “The Cannon Optimum Downriggers are an essential part of my arsenal,” said Mark Courts, professional walleye angler and salmon charter boat captain. “There would be a missing link without them connected to my boat and their information shared across the One-Boat Network.”

Dive deeper into the Cannon Downriggers’ capabilities and learn tactics from the success of others through enhanced blog posts designed to be a definitive, go-to information source for downrigger fishing. A world of connectivity brings in more information to help make real-time decisions that put more fish in the boat.

Visit the redesigned to learn more about fishing smarter with technologies like Optimum, the smart, connected electric downrigger and everything else controlled depth fishing from Cannon.