Calcutta Outdoors Announces New Product Offerings for Matzuo America

Morehead City, NC – Matzuo America® is committed to continuous product improvement, quality and innovation. Our product development team is dedicated to bringing angling enthusiasts tournament quality gear. We are excited to introduce the new Gaikotsu Soft Plastics, Pro Series Bait Finesse Series Rods and Pro Series Light Finesse Series Rods.

Gaikotsu Soft Plastics – The team at Matzuo has been working for 2 years perfecting their new soft plastics offering and are extremely excited to introduce the Matzuo Gaikotsu line of Walleye and Bass plastics. All Gaikotsu plastics feature ribbed bodies that create a lifelike profile with maximum tail movement and are poured with premium ultra-soft material.

Spring walleyes can be a fickle target. Spring often brings the weather of warm to cold and temperatures always impact fish behavior. On top of that, Walleyes are looking to spawn in the spring and this activity will change walleye behavior from hour to hour. All that being said walleyes are often concentrated in the spring and they can be caught consistently on our system of baits.

Gaikotsu Beaver Tails – During the coldest water say 33-38 degrees we recommend the beaver style shape. These plastics have a very subtle movement and trigger walleyes and the horizontal tail provides maximum flex while jigging. The beaver tail is also important in places where tipping with a minnow and stinger hook is important. The tail imparts great action without interfering with the stinger and creating a mess. Perfect for serious river anglers, the Gaikotsu Beaver Tails are available in 4 inch lengths.

Gaikotsu Curl Tails – As waters warm say 38-44 degrees – the curl tail models are more effective. These are designed for a faster presentation and when minnows are no longer part of the method. All the Gaikotsu Curl Tail plastics feature a unique tail design for maximum movement. These baits come in both 4 inch and 4.5 inch lengths.

Gaikotsu Swim Tails – Once water top 45 degrees the swim bait style becomes the primary presentation for walleyes across the great lakes. The 2.5” and 3.5” swim baits come in core walleye colors but also killer smallmouth colors that match gobies, shiners and shad. Deadly on Smallmouth, Largemouth and Walleyes, these Swim Tails are also available prerigged with a 1/8 oz. jig head for both 3.5 and 3.5 inch lengths.

All of our Gaikotsu walleye baits are available in classic big river colors lake a chartreuse green core, but we also have a wide array of great lakes colors like Purple Freeze, Aqua Freeze and Emerald Shiner and Frozen Oyster.

Look for Matzuo Gaikotsu Plastics in the Fall of 2022 at your local retailer or find us at Calcutta And look for more content from Matzuo at or on YouTube under Calcutta Outdoors.

Pro Series Bait Finesse Series Rods – Matzuo is proud to introduce the new Pro Series Bait Finesse Series of Rods. BFS has taken over the fishing scene, and today more anglers are trading in their spinning combos and using light tackle BFS gear to get on those finicky fish.

Bait Finesse System (BFS) was developed in Japan because of intense fishing pressure, bass became harder and harder to catch with your traditional lures. While smaller lures were still effective, the standard spinning rods just didn’t have the accuracy and precision of a baitcaster. From there a number of manufacturers began to create rods and reels that were specifically designed to pitch these lighter lures from a baitcast profile. Also, BFS was created for the trout fisherman that wanted to have extreme accuracy while fishing small lures in moving streams. We’re talking about 2-4lb line on an ultra sensitive rod with a baitcaster specifically designed with a shallow spool giving you the ability to cast lures to as small as 1 gram.

The New BFS Series of rods come in a one or two piece, with lengths ranging from 5’6″ to 6’6″. These rods feature an IM8 graphite rod bank, titanium guides with zirconia inserts, graphite reel seats and a contoured cork handle with a carbon fiber foregrip. These rods are sensitive enough to cast lures as small as 2-3 grams, but strong enough to handle the entire spectrum of finesse fishing applications using a baitcast platform.

Look for the new Matzuo Pro Series Bait Finesse Rods in the Spring of 2023 at your local retailer or find us at And look for more content from Matzuo at or on YouTube under Calcutta Outdoors.

Pro Series Light Finesse Series Rods – Matzuo America continues to innovate by creating high quality products, but with a price tag that ensures all anglers can benefit. Over the last few years, we’ve focused on creating a variety of lures and combos for the multi-species angler. Whether you’re going after bass, pike, walleye, or panfish we’ve designed the right combo or lure presentation for your target species.

One of the hottest trends in the fishing industry is the reemergence of light tackle fishing. With the sport of fishing continuing to grow and more and more anglers hitting the water, the added fishing pressure has caused anglers to change up their presentations. Light tackle fishing has become more and more popular because it provides a different profile and action, for fish that have grown accustomed to seeing larger sized baits. Sometimes making that switch to the lighter tackle is exactly what is needed to trigger the fish into biting.

The new Matzuo Pro Series Light Finesse Rods will come in either 6’6” or 6’10” 2-piece rod. The blanks are composed of a 24-ton high modulus graphite for extreme sensitivity and strength. The rod has a fast tip action with a lot of backbone to perfectly cast finesse fishing presentations. In order to keep the rod as light as possible we’ve used Titanium Carbide guides with Zirconia inserts. The final process was to keep it well balanced with a split grip EVA handle. The rod will retail at $69 and is set to launch in early 2023.

Look for the new Matzuo Pro Series Light Finesse Rods in the Spring of 2023 at your local retailer or find us at And look for more content from Matzuo at or on YouTube under Calcutta Outdoors.

About Matzuo America®

Matzuo America® is committed to continuous product improvement and innovation. Our success could not be achieved without the efforts of our passionate development team made up of dedicated, hard-core anglers, pro staff, engineers and product designers who work tirelessly to produce the most innovative and cost effective fishing products on the market today. The key factor in fulfilling the Matzuo America®
brand promise is to provide tournament quality tackle at an unparalleled value.

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