C & F Design Partners with Angler Sport Group & Ranger Outdoors, LLC For Exclusive Distribution Within North America

CHARLESTON, TN – Ranger Outdoors, LLC dba Angler Sport Group (ASG) announces an agreement with C&F Design for exclusive North American distribution. This agreement, effective immediately, provides Angler Sport Group with complete access to C&F Design’s full line of fly boxes, fly tying equipment, and other accessories.

Dave Luzader, President and CEO of Ranger Outdoors, LLC stated, “ASG has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with C&F Design. This past year afforded the opportunity to bring a new strategic vision to C&F Distribution within North America, and we are looking forward to an exciting future with an expanded product catalog and industry opportunities.”

Over the past year, C&F Design has reimagined fly storage with an all-new modular box system including: new sizes, box colors, and an interchangeable foam system. With this innovative system an angler can utilize one box with multiple system foams and quick interchangeability. Also included in this new modular box system are boat boxes which can carry up to 16 large system foams- ensuring space for every feather or fur. This system provides less hassle, more choices, and more time to fish.

C&F Design began in 1993 as part of Yonenoi Design- an industrial design firm in Japan. Their products are unique in form and function and manufactured in Japan with the highest quality standards.

Pre-orders will begin during Q2 in preparation of the fall season.

For more information on how to purchase C&F Design products, contact your ASG sales representative, email info@anglersportgroup.com or call ASG at 1-800-332-3305.

About Ranger Outdoors, LLC

Established in 2017, Ranger Outdoors, LLC was created to bring together a team of both new and established core products with exceptional quality. Ranger is comprised of Angler Sport Group, Daiichi® Hooks, Miss Mayfly® and Chota® Outdoor Gear.