BUBBA Debuts New Inshore Fishing Rods

Columbia, MO – BUBBA, a Water to Plate™ brand known for its high quality angling equipment designed by fishermen, for fishermen, has announced the launch of three new Inshore Fishing Rod lines, thus marking the brand’s entry into the competitive fishing rod category. The BUBBA Tidal, Tidal Select, and Tidal Pro Inshore Fishing Rod lines are now available to consumers nationwide.

“This launch is a big milestone for BUBBA,” says Isaac Brizendine, Brand Manager at BUBBA. “We’ve taken very innovative strides in the fishing tools and cutlery categories over the past two years, and now we’re applying that same dedication to quality and innovation to our new rods. Our goal was to find a way to get our iconic non-slip grip on a fishing rod as well as take our consumers completely from Water to Plate™. Our BUBBA Tidal, Tidal Pro, and Tidal Select rods do just that.”

The rod blanks that compose the BUBBA Tidal, Tidal Select, and Tidal Pro rods evolved through many rounds of field testing with direct feedback from the BUBBA team of captains and guides, ensuring all design iterations were up to expectations for how they’ll be used by consumers. When selecting the rod components, optimizing durability, cast-ability, and sensitivity were at the forefront of the design process. The guides were carefully selected for each category to hold up to harsh saltwater elements, components surrounding the grips were selected with ergonomics top-of-mind, and reel seats all follow an exposed blank design concept, allowing direct contact to the rod blank for those light hits from the more finicky fish. All three series feature spinning and casting options, as well as multiple lengths, actions, and powers to suit as many preferences as possible.

“Realizing that there are a lot of really good competitors out there, we wanted to pack as much as possible into these rods without pricing them out of reach,” continues Brizendine. “We also strived to build a product lineup that stays true to the BUBBA brand – one that benefits from the innovations that we’ve developed from other products over the years. Inshore fishing calls for a lot of versatility, so we developed a starting lineup of fishing rods that checked as many boxes as possible. This led to the creation of 3 category tiers to have something for any budget. So, whether you’re targeting Redfish or Trout with a popping cork, or pulling a Snook out from a pylon, we’ve created the perfect rod for it.”

BUBBA Tidal Rods | MSRP: $139.99

The BUBBA Tidal™ Rods are reliable, versatile, and built to last. From top to bottom, these rods were craftily designed by our in-house engineering team and influenced by captains and guides across the country. Backed by a five-year warranty, these graphite rods are constructed with stainless steel, corrosion-resistant guides to hold up to harsh elements and consistent use. The split reel seat optimizes sensitivity and the BUBBA grip provides all-day comfort. With a diverse offering of lengths and powers, BUBBA Tidal™ Rods are ready for your next inshore adventure.

BUBBA Tidal Select Rods | MSRP: $199.99

Designed by our in-house engineering team using input from captains and guides across the country, the Tidal Select™ Rods are built for the ultimate angler. Featuring corrosion-resistant Fuji components and quality 24/30 Toray graphite construction, our Tidal Select™ Rods have been designed with both power and balance in mind. These workhorse rods incorporate our Iconic, Non-Slip Grip for all-day comfort and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty so you can be ready to land your next trophy.

BUBBA Tidal Pro Rods | MSRP: $329.99

Using influence from captains and guides across the country, our in-house engineering team designed the Tidal Pro™ Rods to be truly next level.  Featuring top-of-the line Fuji reel seats and guides, a corrosion-resistant design, and 30T Toray graphite construction, Tidal Pro™ Rods are ready for the roughest days on the water. The unique, ergonomic carbon fiber handle features our Iconic, Non-Slip Grip and a lightweight design to provide all-day comfort and optimum sensitivity.  Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, Tidal Pro™ Rods are designed to exceed the highest expectations of dedicated anglers.

For more information on BUBBA, please visit www.bubba.com. For media inquiries, please reach out to Logan Waddell / logan@obviouslee.com.


BUBBA™ is a leading brand of fishing and cooking equipment designed to take anglers from Water to Plate. BUBBA™ products are built for the elements and perform flawlessly under the extreme conditions of saltwater and freshwater fishing. BUBBA™ strives to engineer everything with the best available materials all while maintaining that classic BUBBA™ look and feel. BUBBA™ is committed to providing the necessary tools for safely and efficiently releasing or harvesting and processing fish, whether you’re an experienced fisherman or a novice angler. For more information about BUBBA™, visit https://www.bubba.com/.