Braid’s New, Exciting, And Innovative Popper Is Ready To Catch Your Fish!

Palmdale, CA — Crystal Killer — Braid Products, Inc. is officially announcing its new, exciting Crystal Killer. The Crystal Killer is the newest innovation in the line of quality poppers that slowly sink, allowing the bait to be worked at a variety of depths.

About the Crystal Killer

After you cast it, just let the Crystal Killer settle down to the desired depth and begin working the popper back in at the desired speed. The Crystal Killer is great for suspended fish around pilings or reefs. The Crystal Killer can also be worked on the surface by beginning the retrieve as soon as the bait hits the water.

The Crystal Killer is made with quality 4X VMC hooks and wire through construction with quality bodies and the finest finish available today!

The Crystal Killers are best used in conjunction with Braid’s new popping leaders.

The Crystal Killer’s Specifications

These poppers are available in two different lengths and two different weights.

Models 458 weigh in at 1.30 ounces and are 3.3 inches in length. Hook size is 2/0.

Models 459 weigh in at 4.20 ounces and are 5.5 inches in length. Hook size is 3/0.

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