Braid Products, Inc. Announces Release of New Popping Lure, the GT Monster

Palmdale, CA — GT Monster —Braid Products, Inc. is announcing the release of their new GT Monster. The newest addition to the already hot popper line up. This bait will handle the biggest and meanest of fish from the toughest amberjack to giant tuna to the ever so elusive GTs.

The GT Monster’s Quality

The GT Monster is available in two different sizes and 5 different colors.This popper is designed to be cast into the roughest seas or frothing boilers. However, it also works well in the flattest of seas. These superior long cast lures with fish attracting “popping, splashing, and skittering” action will draw reaction strikes from predators. The GT Monster is made with high quality 4X strong VMC hooks and through wire construction. The GT Monster is made of high quality, durable bodies and boasts the finest finish on poppers today. Colorful finishes with 3D laser eyes imitate prey species. The PU foam body construction guarantees more dynamic fishing. The GT Monster is best used in conjunction with Braid Products’ new Popping Leaders.

The GT Monster’s Specifications

The GT Monster is available in 5 different colors and in two different sizes. It also comes with extra sharp treble hooks with a heavy duty stainless steel split ring. The GT Monster is available in:

  • #04 – Black/Purple
  • #20 – Blue Mackerel
  • #21 – Red/White
  • #24 Yellowfin Tuna
  • #40 Dorado

The sizes the GT Monster is available in are:

  • Weight – 1.5 oz and 3.9 oz
  • Length – 5.9″ and 8″
  • Hook Size – 3/0 for the 1.5 oz and 4/0 for the 3.9 oz.

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