Boo Teaser Rig

BOOYAH Boo Teaser Rig Rewrites Your Fishing Playbook

Fort Smith, Ark. – BOOYAH Bait Company takes castable umbrella rigs to the next level. Why are swimbaits the only lures to adorn the business end of castable umbrella rigs? Because the stiff wires impede the action of crankbaits and other lures. The Boo Teaser Rig changes that with a center lure arm made of super-strong, flexible, nylon encased wire that allows crankbaits and other lures to swim naturally.

Boo Teaser Rig

The Boo Teaser Rig features four stainless steel outer arms with teaser grubs (included) to add the baitfish school look and vibration of a castable umbrella rig, but the center lure arm is flexible, allowing anglers to use any lure – not just a swimbait – from a crankbait to a jig. Your only limitation is your imagination. Now anglers can throw a shallow-running crankbait on their castable umbrella rig and work it on bottom in any depth. Plus, the lure stays in the strike zone for the entire cast. Plus, the Boo Teaser Rig is legal anywhere you fish.

The Boo Teaser Rig is available in three weights, ¼-, 3/8- and 1/2-ounce. It is one of a series of new “Boo” fishing systems that let anglers use any type of lure at any depth. BOOYAH just rewrote your fishing playbook.

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