Booyah Boo-Spin Weighted Head with Extra Flash

Fort Smith, Ark. – The BOOYAH Boo Spin Rig opens the door to unlimited possibilities. Consisting of a weighted baitfish-shaped head and a pair of spinnerbait blades attached to a super-strong, flexible wire, the Boo Spin Rig lets anglers attach any lure in their tackle box to create a look and action never-before-achieved.

BOOYAH Boo Spin Rig

The Boo Spin Rig lets anglers attach anything from a shallow-running crankbait to a weightless, Texas-rigged swimbait behind the spinning blades and fish it at any depth, and the flexible wire doesn’t impede the bait’s action. In fact, the swimming action of a wide-wobbling crankbait transmits upward to the head and blades, producing a swimming motion no spinnerbait has ever achieved. A more subtle action is attained with the use of a jig or soft plastic lure. For shallow-water fishing, anglers can use a weightless, Texas-rigged swimbait, and for fishing deeper can simply use the same bait on a jighead. For even more baitfish flash and vibration, anglers can attach various spinnerbaits or other bladed lure. All these options and more can be fished at any depth from shallow, weedy shorelines to deep, mainlake ledges.

The Boo Spin Rig is available in three weights, ¼-, 3/8- and ½-ounce, in both Colorado/willowleaf combos and tandem willowleaf versions.

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