Booyah Boo Flex Gets Light Baits Deep

Fort Smith, Ark. – You know those “Running Depth” indicators on crankbait packages? Ignore them. You know that long-lining technique? Forget it. You know that little spinning rig you use for casting lightweight, shallow-running crankbaits? Leave it at home. BOOYAH Bait Company just made all that obsolete.

Boo Flex Rig

The new Boo Flex Rig lets you fish any lure at any depth, adds miles of casting distance to lightweight baits and puts the lure in the strike zone for almost the entire cast. The Boo Flex Rig consists of a baitfish-shaped head for weight and attraction on a super-strong, flexible wire that takes light, buoyant lures to the bottom (or any depth), releasing anglers from the constraints of running depths and limited casting distance. Now you can fish a shallow-running crankbait 30 feet deep, or cast a feather-light lure great distances even on baitcasting gear. Plus, by feeding out a little line after the cast, the Boo Flex Rig takes the lure to the desired depth and lets you keep it there for almost the entire cast.

The Boo Flex Rig is available in three weights, ¼-, 3/8- and ½-ounce, and is effective with any style of lure from crankbaits to jigs and spinnerbaits. The Boo Flex Rig allows you to fish any lure at any depth, and the flexible wire does not impede the swimming action.

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