Boost Your Online Sales This Holiday Season

Cyber Monday is almost here and will see online retailers around the globe vying for their piece of the estimated $64 billion that holiday shoppers are expecting to spend there this year. While the giant mass merchants of Wal-Mart or Amazon are sure to grab a large piece of that number, smaller retailers such as those who make up the fishing tackle world can also get a piece of the action if they plan accordingly.

It is a known fact that people will buy from someone they like; trust and feel are a leader in the field. It doesn’t matter if it is a brick and mortar store or an online store. In fact, trust and ease of transaction along with satisfaction with the overall experience is what most will base where they shop online by.

Here are four ways to increase your online sales this holiday season:

Follow the Trends
Just like consumers, online retailers need to follow the trends that their competitors are cashing in on with their online stores. Watch your competitions’ social media outlets, ads and websites. What are they promoting and selling out of? What are noncompeting sites promoting? Is there a trend you’re noticing; if so why aren’t you taking advantage of it? While standing out in the crowd is important when it comes to customer satisfaction, blending in and staying up to date with visual trends is very important.

Watch what others are doing and make it work for you – that is what all of the large online stores do and so should small businesses as well.

Be Personal
Have fun with your site – add employee reviews of the products or suggestions. Have a few of your employees write a fishing bio about their fishing styles and where they fish, then have them make up holiday wish lists of products you sell in your store. Having a range of angling styles and skill level will cover more products. Hopefully a few products will overlap with the wish lists. Don’t let your employees have all of the fun – create your own wish list and share it as well. Get even more creative, run sales based off of your wish lists, or try giveaways as well.

Be Real
Offering up wish lists of your employees or yourself are one thing; giving personal, one-on-one advice is another. Offering up personal advice through your social media accounts is a great way to give what others are not. Not only will you be answering their questions without them having to come in, you will be helping them relieve the stress of buying for an angler they may not know what to get for. Have them either post their questions on your social media page or send your company a personal message or email. Then take the time to answer each question with suggestions of items you have in your online store. Send them the exact link to each item you suggest to make their shopping easier. Offer to also make the items available for in-store pickup if they are able to get there. Show you’re real and that you realize how busy it is to shop for an angler. It will also show your knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond for customers. That trait alone is something that is very often missed this time of the year.

Stay Active
The final way to increase your online sales this holiday season is to simply stay active with your site and your social media campaigns. Yes, you’re busy – who isn’t? It is the shortest shopping season in over a century and buyers are looking to maximize all of the time they have available to them and that will mean turning to online shopping. Keep your inventory up to date and keep your site looking fresh every day. Post daily deals on your social media sites and keep your eye on the end goal, staying in the black.

What tools are you utilizing this shopping season to increase your sales on your online store? What have you found that works, and what has failed? Share your ideas and thoughts with your fellow fishing tackle retailers on our Facebook page or in our LinkedIn group.