Body Piercings and Plastics Surgery

Ladson, SC – Among all the extra-terrestrial benefits of Z-Man ElaZtech baits, their enigmatic ability to “self-heal”—even after numerous strike lacerations and hook stabs—unlocks some rather valuable bait-rigging mods. Stick a hook into a GOAT™, Turbo CrawZ™ or Jerk ShadZ™ two, three . . . ten different times. Catch a dozen big redfish or fifty largemouth bass. Re-rig the same “used” bait time and time again with next to no damage. ElaZtech is so tough it’s been known to occasionally outlast the hook. Crazy, right?

These same magical self-healing properties make superplastics ideal vehicles for numerous creative hacks—perhaps none more exciting than implanting them with fish-attracting rattles or auxiliary weights. That’s where an impressive little tool known as the Rattle-Snaker® emerges from your tacklebox.

Adding the benefits of sound attraction to any soft plastic bait, the Z-Man Rattle-Snaker effortlessly implants tiny rattles in a quick, safe two-step process. Its patented tool design allows for precision insertion of rattles— or tungsten weights— into bait bodies via a stainless-steel insertion needle and pushrod. Simply insert the tool’s point into the bait’s tail, head or torso. Place a rattle inside the tool’s hollow needle. Implant it in place with the pushrod and you’re immediately wired for fish-attracting sound.

Several years ago, recognizing the value of amplifying his favorite ElaZtech baits with maraca-like vibes, Rattle-Snaker inventor Oliver Green endeavored to engineer a turnkey fishing tool. “I knew if I could contrive a device capable of injecting a rattle into my favorite soft plastic baits, it could be a pretty big deal,” notes Green, an inshore saltwater specialist from southeast Florida.

“I found plenty of rattles, but amazingly, no one was making a tool capable of injecting them into soft plastics, let alone those tougher-to-penetrate superplastics. I knew the tool needed to work with ElaZtech, both because the baits catch so many fish and because the material seals back up and has a way of essentially vapor-locking the rattle inside its body.”

While on “COVID sabbatical,” Green found the time to begin work on his ingenious idea. “Initially, I tried a BBQ injector needle, which provided a starting ground,” he recalls. “From there, I refined things down to an oversized hypodermic needle, which worked slightly better. Finally, I chanced upon exactly what I needed among body piercing supplies, which helped inspire my final design.

“I built the first few Rattle-Snakers with wood handles and immediately gave them to some of my fishing friends. I learned right off that saltwater, freshwater and especially bass anglers were going to be just as excited to get their hands on this tool.”

Further refinements followed. And eventually, a finalized, patented invention emerged. Within months, professional anglers, including MLF/Bass Pro Tour angler Luke Clausen and numerous YouTube influencers were singing the Rattle-Snaker’s praises.

Once the Rattle-Snaker implants an ElaZtech bait, the rattle stays put indefinitely.

“The Rattle-Snaker is one of the coolest new fishing tools I’ve seen,” affirms Clausen, who’s used the tool to implant rattles and small tungsten cylinders into everything from a Ned rigged Finesse TRD™ to a DieZel MinnowZ™ swimbait and a Hella CrawZ™ jig trailer. “Inject your ElaZtech baits with one or more of these little rattles and you benefit from subtle but palpable sound attraction, especially important when imitating a crayfish or other bottom-oriented prey.

“What’s really awesome about the Rattle-Snaker is that once the rattle is inside the bait, it stays put.”

Adds Green: “I have one Neko rigged ElaZtech bait I’ve been using for two years, and the rattles are still intact. Even if a big snook or redfish crushes the rattles inside the bait, I can still simply inject it with a new replacement rattle. One of my bass angling buddies rigs his speed worms with up to 4 rattles per bait. No doubt, experimentation will inspire some pretty cool rigging tricks.”

Equipped with a surgical steel grade needle protected by a silicone needle guard, the Z-Man Rattle-Snaker (available in October – MSRP $12.99) works with all soft plastic baits and for fresh- or saltwater use. Packaged with 10 glass rattles, the Rattle-Snaker features built-in rattle storage or tungsten weights – coming soon. Replacement rattle 10-packs are also available at

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