Body Language

Body language is a great way for sales people to tell if your customer is interested in purchasing or not. It is also a great way to lose a sale. Customers can sense when a sales person isn’t that interested in selling to them, even if the sales person doesn’t realize it. When sales people are worried about their break, the end of their shift or trying to get other things done before they leave for the day, they can display visual clues to the customer that says, “Don’t buy from me.”

These visual clues could be checking their watch, playing with their hair or a pen, looking around and not making eye contact. When this happens, it tells the customer that their time is not that important to the sales person and will many times be the reason the sale did not occur.

Train your sales people to be mindful of their body language. Remind them that the most important job they have is serving the customer who is in front of them at that moment. Missing a few moments of a break, taking lunch a bit later or working a bit longer to accomplish their to-do lists is fine as long as they take care of the customers. Reinforcement from management on the importance of the customers will gain you more sales and produce happier customers.