Smack dab in the middle of National Safe Boating Week, Garmin reminds both new and seasoned boaters alike that there is no substitute for keeping safety at the forefront of all your boating activities. However, safe boating goes beyond basic things like wearing a PFD and filing a float plan as electronics play a major role in the boating experience. Now is the perfect time to check out some safety-enhancing products from Garmin. Your life—and the lives of those around you—might just depend on it.

Navionics Boating App

Everyone these days it seems has a smartphone, and there’s an app out there for just about everything the boater or angler could possibly need aside from steering the boat and hooking a fish. For cruising, fishing, sailing, diving and all your other activities on the water, the Navionics Boating app brings detailed offshore marine and inland lake charts to your mobile device, so they’re always on hand wherever you go. The Navionics Boating app equips boaters and anglers with a complete marine navigation package, right to their mobile device, with the ability to upgrade to a slew of awesome advanced features for a small annual subscription.

The Navionics Boating app can be used as a compliment to your onboard electronics as a valuable backup navigation tool, allowing you to easily plan ahead and get more from your time on the water with features like Dock-to-dock Autorouting, weather and tides, detailed chart overlays, up to 5,000 daily updates to chart content and more. Scope out the best fishing spots, using multiple target ranges on depth charts, and dial-in that bite. Check the tides and weather forecast to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature. Navigate with suggested dock-to-dock routings based on your chart data, and export routes and waypoints to your ActiveCaptain app and sync them with your Garmin chartplotter. Take the free trial version to the next level with a super-affordable paid subscription to enjoy all the app content and advanced features right at your fingertips.

Garmin g3 Cartography

Marine cartography is not just an accessory for boater and anglers, it is an essential tool that enhances situational awareness while navigating the water leading to a safe and responsible boating experience. See more, whether on your local lake or heading offshore, as the Garmin g3 coastal charts and inland maps deliver the #1 marine mapping—thanks to combined Garmin and Navionics data—to safely guide boaters to their favorite honey holes or through unknown waters.

Regardless of the package installed on your chartplotter—BlueChart g3 coastal charts or LakeVü g3 lake maps—you will experience superior coverage, clarity and detail with integrated Garmin and Navionics content and Auto Guidance technology. Regular updates to data and features are provided with simple integration via the ActiveCaptain app or Garmin Express to ensure you always head out with the latest data on your boat.

inReach Satellite Communicators

Add peace of mind to your adventures. Whether preparing for a voyage off the grid or simply wanting to stay connected with loved ones onshore, the inReach mini marine bundle was built with mariners in mind. With features like two-way text messaging, SOS and 24/7 emergency services, live GPS location sharing, weather forecasts and more, the inReach mini marine bundle is an invaluable companion for greater peace of mind on the water, without taking up space at the helm.

To access preloaded cartography and even more features, Garmin also offers the GPSMAP 86sci marine handheld with inReach capabilities. The GPSMAP 86sci handheld provides all the outdoor functions and global communications of the GPSMAP 66 series and adds on-the-water features including BlueChart g3 charts and wireless connectivity to your onboard marine system. Set your course, stay connected and never find yourself out of reach from friends, family or help should anything go wrong.

Garmin AIS & VHS

Help avoid running into trouble on the water. With Garmin VHF and AIS onboard, boaters can quickly identity and communicate with other vessels in the area for greater confidence and safety for all on the open waters. Garmin VHS also features Digital Selective Calling (DSC) functionality—a global protocol that uses channel 70—allowing boaters to transmit and receive digital emergency messages, private calls, general calls and more. DSC significantly improves the chances of rapid rescue.

The AIS 800 Blackbox Transceiver transmits your vessel information to other AIS receivers in your area while also receiving their AIS target data. It includes a built-in GPS (with connector for optional external antenna) and integrates seamlessly into your Garmin onboard system, and it’s all packed into an easy-to-install black box unit with a small footprint.

Increase your peace of mind and communicate confidently on the water with the fixed-mount VHF 215 AIS marine radio which displays AIS on the chartplotter to enhance communication, situational awareness and collision avoidance between you and other mariners worldwide.

Garmin’s latest marine webinar benefits boaters of any level with tips on how to better prepare themselves and their vessels for a safe experience on the water.

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