Blade Slingers Have Their Soft Side

Plano, IL  – There’s no denying the best method of locating active predator fish is to cover as much water with artificial lures as possible in a short period of time. And the supreme baits to handle the task, by far, are spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and ChatterBaits®.

Flash, flutter and vibration… these offerings have it all. And any fish on the hunt will, at the very least, give up its whereabouts when it takes a poke at one.

Ask anyone with big-bladed-bait knowhow, however, and they’ll tell you the size, style and color of these aggressively-fished lures can make a difference between getting bit and being ignored day to day, hour to hour. This is why some of today’s top blade slingers take a wide variety with them every time out, along with component parts in case a minor tweak is required.


In the past, this meant a tote full of the flamboyantly-bladed baits here and a box of pieces and parts there, scattered all throughout the boat.

It’s for this very reason Plano has created the distinctive Guide Series Blade Bag – the heavy-duty yet totally soft-wrap solution for taming these run-cast-and-gun baits.

“Plano has always offered so many options for anglers and their tackle needs, and the new Guide Series Blade Bag is proof perfect they never stop innovating,” say Bassmaster Elite pro and Plano prostaffer Kevin VanDam (KVD). “The Blade Bag holds spinnerbaits and the like in a more compact manner, and will be ideal for the angler with limited space or who is always on the go. It slides easily in any boat compartment, or can be tucked in a larger soft-sided bag with ease.”


New for 2016, the Guide Series Blade Bag allows anglers full examination of a multitude of the temptations that just might make the grade with a flip of each double-compartmental clear PVC sleeve. And inside the heavy-duty nylon shell are various zippered and slip-in pockets to hold extra blades, skirts, trailer hooks and the other components anglers use to customize their baits.

An easy-to-grasp pull tab makes securing all zippered compartments a breeze, and all hold lures snug and secure no matter the size or shape.

461300 Guide Series Blade Bag

  • Organize up to 64 bladed baits in one small bag
  • Interior walls with 8 clear zippered sleeves with 2 pockets per sleeve
  • Size: 10.75”L x 2.5”W x 13”H

MSRP: $24.99

Plano’s new Blade Bag joins others in the Guide Series line, which includes multiple sizes of Tackle and Hydro-Flo totes as well as the Worm Wrap Bag to form a hard-hitting, customized tackle storage system for any angler’s specific needs. Learn more at