Supersized Fishing Light Energizes the Underwater Food Chain

Crosslake, MN – Like moths to a flame, bugs above the water and below both respond to light like Pavlov’s dogs—they just can’t help themselves. Underwater, critters called phytoplankton utilize sunlight for photosynthesis. Phytoplankton attract bigger “bugs” called zooplankton, which draw baitfish, and then the sizeable predators we like to catch.

At night, smart anglers can “fool the food chain” by introducing their own source of light. The larger and brighter the light, the more powerful the attraction. And when matched to the underwater environment, the light’s influence on fishing success can be spectacular.

Based on extensive hours of underwater observation, the angling technologists at Aqua-Vu® recently unveiled Bio-LumeXL, an ultra-bright underwater light system designed to bring biting fish directly to your location.

Portable, convenient and easy to deploy, Bio-Lume XL cascades a massive 4-sided array of biologically based green light. Armed with 384 high-intensity SMD LEDs, this powerful fish attractor puts out an incredible 6912 Lumens. A single Bio-Lume XL produces its own impressive lightshow, an ample green glow to create your own personal fishing hot spot—beneath a dock, bridge, your boat or a hole in the ice.

Professional guide Eric Haataja fishes spots like these all across the country. Whenever he fishes at night, Bio-Lume XL is central to his success. “A small 12-volt battery is all I need to power my Bio-Lume light for several hours of fishing,” Haataja says.biolumeproductshot

“Recently, my family and I caught all kinds of fish while using the Bio-Lume off a dock in Florida.  It even attracted and helped us catch my son’s first Bonnethead shark.

“What’s great about Bio-Lume is that it brings the fish to you, saltwater and freshwater alike. And you can’t believe how well it works for attracting wintertime crappies beneath the ice.”

Submersible and super sealed, Bio-Lume XL is engineered with a waterproof rating of IP68 for thousands of hours of effective operation. The special bio-attracting light includes 24 feet (7.5 meters) of heavy-duty power cable with battery clips and a 12V power adaptor. Drawing 5-amps at 12VDC, the Bio-Lume XL runs up to five hours on a fully-charged 12V 9-amp gel cell battery. At just over 20 inches in length and weighing just over a pound, Bio-Lume XL is portable, convenient and exceedingly potent in all waters where gamefish swim.

Dr. Jason Halfen, a fish-behavior researcher and university professor, adds biological insight: “The wavelength-specific green light produced by the Bio-Lume is central to its success. Water acts like a filter for light, quickly absorbing most colors in the visible spectrum. In aquatic environments, however, only 1% of green light is absorbed per meter of water. To the angler, this means the light produced by the Bio-Lume will activate an incredibly large volume of water surrounding the light source.”

Halfen also believes the underwater light produced by the Bio-Lume is easier on human eyes, does not inhibit our night vision and is much less likely to attract flying insects above the surface. “Deploying one or more Bio-Lume systems near your nighttime fishing area is the fastest, most effective way to jump-start the underwater food chain, and to attract big actively-feeding gamefish.”

Fresh- and saltwater ready, the Aqua-Vu Bio-Lume XL retails for $119.99 and is designed for use on docks, piers, jetties, boats and ice fishing. Also available, the original Bio-Lume retails for $49.99. For more information, or to order Bio-Lume, visit