Outdoor Retailers Are Preparing for Growth in 2015

GRAHAM, NC—Outdoor sporting goods retailers are bullish on their industry. According to a recent survey conducted by Big Rock Sports, 84 percent of retailers believe their industry will grow or remain the same in 2015. The survey also found that 66 percent of outdoor retailers expect their own sales to grow in the coming months, while 52 percent anticipate an increase in female customers.

More than 300 independent outdoor sporting goods retailers from across the US responded to the Big Rock Sports survey to share what they are seeing at market. The survey asked a variety of questions about the industry, customer demographics and retail trends. Big Rock Sports published the results of this comprehensive survey in a 2015 State of the Outdoor Industry report. The report was initially released to Big Rock’s customers at the company’s January buying shows.

“Our priority at Big Rock is to help our customers grow their businesses. We do this by offering them a variety of tools such as the State of the Industry report,” said Ed Small, CEO of Big Rock Sports. “Not only does this report confirm that our industry is healthy and growing, it helps connect outdoor retailers so they can learn from each other.”

Additional highlights of the report include:

• 48 percent of outdoor retailers saw an increase in female

customers in 2014

• 68 percent of outdoor retailers use social media to promote their store

• 91 percent of retailers who use social media to promote their store have experienced an increase in store traffic as a result

• 99 percent of retailers using social media to promote their stores are doing so with Facebook

For a copy of Big Rock’s 2015 State of the Industry report, please contact Magazine@BigRockSports.com.