Offers Custom Painted Lures to Public

The secret is Custom Painted Fishing Lures!  Almost every successful, big dollar, pro fisherman has someone hand painting special color patterns on their fishing lures.  When you are fishing for $50,000, you don’t go to Wal-Mart and buy what’s on the shelf.  So, where do you go to locate one of these secret guys who custom paints fishing lures?

BIGBASSBAITS.NET of Marietta GA is the place to go.  The Georgia-based company which touts itself as a leader in custom painting lures, is now making available to you the same baits as the professional fishermen. They are dedicated to producing the highest quality custom lure. Styles and patterns that the pros have been keeping under lock and key. 

Located in the southeast, where big money fishing began, staff is made of veteran fulltime fishing guides.  Because they see the water every day, they can design color patterns that make fish want to bite.  The  website has every type of hard body fishing lure available.  They are fishermen, painting baits for Fishermen.  Most custom lure companies carry a heavy price tag (average $18 each) and sometimes you have to wait two weeks before you get your lures. BIGBASSBAITS.NET is not like that, in fact, 90% of their custom lures are under $9 and deliver within a few days. They truly want every fisherman to be able to buy custom lures.  Their website even has a section about designing your own lures.

BIGBASSBAITS.NET is now taking orders through their website. You can visit their Facebook page or email them for more information.