Best Ice Fishing Tackle Storage Ever

Plano, IL – So what’s the no-brainer this winter? Try Frabill hitting bait shop shelves with ice fishing specific tackle storage. When Plano, the masters of tackle storage solutions, took on the trusted leader in ice fishing gear, within mere weeks plans were hatched for the Frabill Softbag.

It’s one thing to carefully choose the most qualified tackle bag and repurpose it for ice fishing – anglers have been doing that since day one. It’s quite another to develop an ice fishing tackle bag from scratch, each feature added from a cold weather perspective; each compartment intuitively located for housing hardwater fishing tackle and tools.

For openers, the Frabill Softbag is built into a molded impact-resistant, waterproof base. Immediately you know deep-thinking went into its creation. The design team considered the harsh environment ice fishing equipment is subjected to. The impact-resistant base affords the durability for on-the-ice travel, while the waterproof base denies slush that can quickly transmogrify into ice.

The Frabill Softbag’s durable exterior fabric is adorned with four premium Speed Zip pockets. These Plano-exclusive zippered pockets are both spacious and easily opened and closed. Outer amenities continue with a large mesh pocket on the back – perfect for quick stashing of gloves, tools, and more – and tough elastic tie-down straps for hugging tight on an ATV or snowmobile.

Candy coated on the inside, the Frabill Softbag includes one 3650 and three 3601 Plano ProLatch™ StowAway® utility boxes. This array of essential Plano boxes accommodate a winter’s worth of ice fishing tackle. Inside, you’ll also find a key clip holder and elastic band organizer.

Frabill ice juggernaut Joe Balog speaks to finally having a specialized softbag for his winter pursuits. “My boat is super-organized with Plano tackle boxes and bags for every species and situation imaginable. Whether it’s spinnerbaits, crankbaits or jigs, I’m completely customized. Now Plano has issued that same ingenuity in a system dedicated to the unique demands of ice fishing. This is awesome.”

Nothing could be more natural than the tackle storage king of the mountain collaborating with the grand master of ice fishing gear. So naturally, you can expect the new Frabill Softbag to be the best on the ice, no questions asked.