Berkley Creates Revolutionary PowerBait Glove Designed for Noodling

COLUMBIA, S.C. – For years, Berkley has dominated the fishing industry by developing baits that fish want. Backed by science, Berkley PowerBait offers fish a flavor they can’t refuse, making them hold on longer for more hooksets. Now, Berkley has taken that same technology and given noodlers a new, never-before-seen weapon – the Berkley PowerBait Noodling Glove. Infused with PowerBait, this glove is designed to give noodlers a way to successfully wrangle catfish and give the fish a flavor so good, they’ll never let go.

“For over 75 years, Berkley has used technology, science, and research to develop some of the best and most innovative fishing products in the industry. We continually study fish and how they react to all types of baits so we can better understand how to enhance the baits to make them catch more fish. That’s really the essence of Berkley Labs.” said Dan Spengler, Berkley’s Senior Project Manager of Bait and Noodling Glove Development. “So, when the team asked us to develop a product for noodling; well, challenge accepted.”

Originally designed to withstand the fight of giant catfish, the team at Berkley Labs quickly discovered that the PowerBait Noodling Glove can be effective on more than just catfish. Extensive field testing proved that the PowerBait Noodling Glove increased angler catch rates for bass, trout and other species. The team even tested the glove with local hunters and found it’s just as effective in luring White-Tailed Deer as it is in luring catfish. There is nothing that can’t be caught using the PowerBait Noodling Glove.

The Berkley PowerBait Noodling Glove may also get its time to shine on the bass tournament trails this year thanks to Berkley Pro Angler John Cox. Cox says, “The way I fish is very similar to noodlers; they go down the bank and look for holes. Well, I go down the bank looking for a 5 or 6 pounder either on a bed or chasing bluegill. So, when I heard about noodlers using the Berkley PowerBait Noodling Glove, I thought ‘Hey, this might work really well for me.’ Noodling is definitely not for just catfishing anymore.”

A game changer for noodlers, anglers, and hunters alike, the Berkley PowerBait Noodling Glove is set to lure the nation by its fingers. With the spring season getting ready to heat up, be sure to stop by your local fishing tackle or sporting goods shop and pick up a pair before they’re sold out.


  • Designed for noodling but effective on all fish and even White-Tailed Deer
  • Berkley PowerBait-Infused technology
  • Premium color selection

Berkley PowerBait Noodling Glove

  • Sizes: One size fits all
  • Colors: Green Pumpkin • Chartreuse • Firecraw • Bruised • White-Tail
  • MSRP: $99.99
  • Available: April 1, 2022

Disclaimer:  If you’ve read the above availability date and it has still not sunk in, you’ll most likely be disappointed to hear that the Berkley PowerBait Noodling Glove is NOT real and will NOT be available at your local retailer (or anywhere else for that matter) on or after April 1st.

 Happy April Fool’s Day from your friends at Berkley!