Behold! The Salmon Cannon

[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]almon migration has become an expensive endeavor on America’s West Coast, where millions of salmon each year are currently being transported around manmade obstacles in trucks. With dams and other structures blocking their route from their inland breeding grounds to the sea, salmon populations are being carefully regulated by state and federal wildlife agencies. This year, California alone spent $150,000 to deliver their young salmon population to the sea, but one clever company might have a solution to that problem—a solution in the form of a cannon.

Whoosh Innovations of Washington has devised a system which uses suction to propel 40 fish per minute hundreds of feet at speeds of up to 22mph. The technology was originally developed for fruit plantations, but according to an NPR report, the salmon seem to adapt well. A soft membrane inside of the salmon cannon’s launch tube protects the fish from damage during the trip.

Here’s a video of the salmon cannon in action.

And another of it in use in the field.

The salmon cannon has been undergoing testing in Washington. For government agencies already strapped for cash, it might just be the perfect solution to a chronic problem.