Elite 21

BEAM Outdoors Awarded Best in Show at ICAST 2013

This year BEAM Outdoors was awarded “Best in Show” at ICAST for the fly fishing reel, Elite 21. Beam Outdoors is a new company and was founded on March 15th 2012 and is located in Watertown, SD. Beam Outdoors’ first products were 6 LED lighted rods and combos for the ice fishing industry. Soon after, Beam Outdoors created open water rods and combos including the new Catfish rods with 10 LED lights called the CatOlac Big Game Series.

The co-owner and President of the company, Danny Heaton, said he designed the Elite 21 reel to be originally used for ice fishing and soon found the reel to be in high demand among fly fisherman that were seeking quality and performance. Beam Outdoors now is offering the reel in two sizes, the Elite 21 which is 65mm and has a gear ratio of 2.1:1 and the Elite 29 which is 85mm with gear ratio 2.9:1. Beam Outdoors has also made plans to come out with a lighted fly rod series. What makes the Elite21 and Elite 29 reels so different and unique are the gear ratios and machined quality. The geared reels make it much easier and quicker to reel in slack line thus creating less fatigue on the angler. The Elite Reels are retailing at $169 and $199.

Beam Outdoors is growing very rapidly and is bringing new cutting edge products to the market for people who demand better quality and performance in the great outdoors. This was the first ICAST Show Beam Outdoors has attended and to win the prestigious “Best in Show” award for the best Fly reel is quite an accomplishment to say the least.

Elite 21

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