Battle the Sun With Riff Masks

The Riff Mask is a revolutionary two-piece, technical sun hood designed for those who work and play outdoors. Made of ultralight double-layered UPF 50+ fabric for unparalleled sun protection, the Riff Mask includes a host of unique features to enhance comfort and functionality such as a novel three-way airflow system, built-in glare guard and rare earth magnet clasps for easy application. The Riff Mask is perfect for any outdoor pursuit. Experience the evolution of sun protection and Battle The Elements in a Riff Mask.

Born of necessity, the Riff Mask is the invention of Captain Austin Lowder. With over 25 years of personal experience as a fishing guide in Montana and Florida, Austin has spent thousands of days exposed to a diverse range of harsh conditions. But years of sun exposure took a toll on Austin’s skin: frequent trips to his dermatologist are now a necessary and expensive part of life, and long days of guiding in the sun became harder to endure. After trying every form of conventional sun protection and finding them full of compromises and shortcomings, Austin realized a full-coverage, functional and comfortable sun mask did not exist — so he set out to make one himself.

For Riff Masks, “Life In The Sun” is much more than a tagline: it’s a philosophy. It represents a way of life for everyone who works and plays outdoors. Their mission is to ensure safety and peace of mind for those who live outside and wouldn’t have it any other way. The Riff Mask truly is the result of the endeavor: a sun mask that combines unparalleled protection with unique features and unmatched functionality to make the lives of anglers, guides and outdoor professionals safer and more enjoyable. They truly believe the Riff Mask can change lives for the better, and we’re so excited to share it with you.


  • Double-layered UPF 50+ fabric protects against sun exposure, wind and insects
  • Custom polyester blend is lightweight, breathable and built to last
  • Side air ventilation allows air to pass through the mask, even in low-wind conditions
  • Detachable face cover is secured by two rare earth magnet snaps, and can be secured back to convert the Riff into a sun hood
  • Bendable nose guard molds to the face for perfect fit, keeping the Riff Mask off the face
  • Glare Guard creates a seal between nose and sunglasses, enhancing vision and eliminating lens fogging
  • Side and back bungees offer a secure fit in high winds and at speed
  • Multi-Purpose Lapel can be worn tucked into the collar for extra security or loose for increased airflow
  • The Rigid Brim allows the Riff Mask to be worn alone, with a hat or under a hood
  • D-Rings along the Lapel offer extra storage of small tools and necessities
  • Unisex Ponytail Vent allows hair to be worn outside the mask for increased comfort

For more information please visit, call (941) 662 0351 or email MSRP $64.95