BassGold Reaches 4,000 Fishing Patterns to Help Bass Anglers’s database of bass patterns just passed the 4,000-pattern mark thanks to the 1,500 bass fishing patterns entered into its database so far this year. BassGold, a web tool accessible from any device, enables anglers to quickly pattern bass using actual pattern data displayed in new ways.

“This has been a great building year for BassGold,” said company CEO Jay Kumar. “Thanks to our partnership with B.A.S.S., BassGold exposure and membership is growing, and with it the rate and number of patterns being entered into the database.

“We now have more than 4,000 patterns over 350 water bodies, and all of it is actual pattern information. In other words, it’s not what ‘should’ or ‘might’ catch bass, but what has worked and will work again.”

He added, “The great thing about it is, as the number of patterns increases, BassGold gets better and better for the fishermen who use it.”

BassGold also hit other milestones this year:
It has predicted with more than 90 percent accuracy the winning patterns and weights of all Bassmaster Elite Series events so far this year, including the Bassmaster Classic. (Many Elite Series pros check it regularly, including one pro who won an event this year.)

It has shown definitively that water bodies of similar types, even ones far apart geographically, fish similarly. For example, pattern information for the Red River in Louisiana is applicable to the upper Mississippi River in Wisconsin and the California Delta.

Mark Zona of Bassmaster TV and Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show said, “I’ve been watching BassGold this year and it’s simply amazing. It will eventually be a tool everyone uses.

“At the beginning of the year I wanted to see if BassGold was wrong,” he said. “The pessimistic side of me wanted to prove it didn’t know what it was talking about. But for the lakes we’ve been to, BassGold was dead on.”

He added, “We as bass anglers spend so much time on preparation. All of us reading whatever I’m saying right now spend an immeasurable amount of time trying to figure out how to catch more fish. BassGold is one of those tools that makes that curve so much faster. And in a world where we don’t have a ton of time, BassGold helps answer questions before we even hit the lake.”

Finally, he said: “In some way, BassGold falls into line with side imaging, Power-Poles and the HydroWave. This is all stuff fishermen don’t think they need until they see it used to their benefit. I have to see things with my own eyes, and I’ve seen how BassGold helps. Why would someone not take an advantage of a tool that eliminates 90 percent of a body of water?”

Kumar said, “As understanding and use of BassGold grows, the opportunities for anglers and advertisers to benefit from the tool are truly mind-blowing. These literally are opportunities that haven’t existed before. What everyone sees now is just the tip of the iceberg.”

About BassGold
BassGold, a B.A.S.S. partner, is a property of Sasquatch Media, which also owns the No. 1 bass fishing blog,, and the daily BassBlaster e-newsletter. The company, which specializes in enthusiast-focused digital strategy and implementation, is owned by Jay Kumar, the founder of and OutdoorsFan Media.