Bass Pro Shops Mobile App Fishing Game

This one really doesn’t fit into the retail side of things, or does it? Having worked retail during many holidays I know the stress and exhaustion you can feel from the long hours of helping many customers that many times aren’t the end users of the products. They know they want something in this price range to because Uncle Billy loves to fish, so sell me something he doesn’t have. The fact that they have no clue what Uncle Billy fishes for means little, isn’t it all the same stuff?

Before you go crazy, take a break and have some fun for five minutes. Bass Pro has come out with Bass Pro Shops®: The Strike – Pro Angler game for your iPhone. I haven’t played this yet, but by the time some of you are reading it I will have, and be wearing an odd smile on my face from it. I have played Bass Pro Shops®: The Hunt – King of Bucks game and loved it! If this game is anything like that one they have a winner.

So, before you let utter Bah-Humbug, to one client, be sure to relax and remember ‘tis the season to give, so give yourself a fun break with this game.