Bass Mafia Reveals Brand New “Daingerously” Enticing Swim Bait

The all-new Daingerous Swim Bait, the first bait launched under the Bass Mafia brand, was designed from scratch, head to tail, to be the most enticing big swim bait on the market. Innovative features such as its triangular F-22 inspired body, flat belly design and split dorsal all work to make it the most effective swim bait on the water. Bass Mafia is turning heads and, more importantly, big largemouth bass after launching with innovation into the increasingly popular freshwater soft plastic swim bait category.

Targeting sizable largemouth often requires a big bait, and the 6” and 7” offerings fulfill competitive anglers’ demands to bring in a heavy bag. Designed exclusively in conjunction with Bassmaster Elite angler, Chris Zaldain, the Daingerous swim bait leverages all the convincing characteristics and natural anatomy of a perfectly preyed upon fish. Wreaking havoc on largemouth cruising in open water, it works especially well around isolated targets. Boasting a perfectly realistic body and custom paddle-tail design, the bait is offered in 5 convincing hand-painted colors to cover all types of water clarity and regions.

“The development of the Daingerous swimbait further advances on what is possible.”, stated Isaac Payne, Director of Innovation & Design at House of Outdoors. “Sophisticated product design and engineering creates a synergy between form and function to further optimize the ergonomics of swimbait action. This design intentionality allows competitive anglers to excel when money is on the line. Having the opportunity to innovate, design, and collaborate with Chris Zaldain (the swimbait guru) has allowed us to create something exceptional, further evolving and advancing products in the swimbait market.”, remarked Payne.

The practical, triangular, design of the body keeps the bait upright during retrieve whereas more circular bodies tend to roll. Its holographic eyeball sports the new Bass Mafia “BM” icon and is forward-looking, enticing strikes from all directions; above, below and from the rear. The body can be rigged using standard or weighted hooks to target specific water columns depending on the scenario and a split dorsal design affords the angler the ability to add a stinger hook to improve hook-up ratios. No matter how you swim it, the results are sure to be dangerous.

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