Balloon Fishing Clip

Balloon Fisher King Launches Innovative Balloon Fishing Clip At ICAST 2013 That Saves Anglers Time and Hassle

Wilmington, N.C.—The Balloon Fishing Clip, a first-of-its-kind product, simplifies balloon fishing, allowing anglers to use the technique without need for snaps, swivels, beads and such. With the Ballon Fishing Clip, a balloon and some line — and a baited hook, of course — you have all you need for balloon fishing.

Just clip, bait, inflate and fish. It’s that simple.

“Anglers told us they wanted a simpler setup for fishing with balloons, which often involves swivels, split rings and snaps,” says Jon Bos, designer of the Balloon Fishing Clip and owner of the company. “The Balloon Fishing Clip delivers.”

To use the clip, an angler pushes the release/lock button on the side of the item, then inserts fishing line into the balloon clip’s line cavity and releases the button, locking the line into place. (Depth is adjusted by depressing the release/lock button and sliding the clip up or down the line.) Once the balloon is inflated, and a knot is tied to prevent air from leaking out, the knot is inserted into a notch on the side of the clip before the angler stretches the balloon and inserts the neck of the balloon into a cavity on the top of the clip. That’s it.

The clips are rated for a line diameter of 20-pound-test monofilament or larger. They are available as several options:

  • Pro Pack with 5-inch balloons: five Balloon Clips and 10 5-inch balloons.
  • Pro Pack with 9-inch balloons: five Balloon Clips and 10 9-inch balloons.
  • Starter Pack: one Balloon Clip and 10 5-inch balloons.
  • 9-inch Refill Pack: 10 9-inch latex balloons.
  • 5-inch Refill Pack: 10 5-inch latex balloons.

The 5-inch balloons are suitable for live and cut bait 2 pounds and under; the 9-inch balloons are suitable for live and cut bait from 2 pounds to 10 pounds.

Balloon Fishing Clip

For images, product demonstrations and other information, stop by BOOTH 1230. We’ll have product samples on hand as well.

About Balloon Fisher King
Balloon Fisher King is manufactured and marketed by MZL Creations, which is dedicated to creating environmentally friendly products that take some of the hassle out of fishing. The Original Balloon Fishing Clip is patent-pending. Visit for more information.

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