BaitCloud™ introduces fish attraction products: ICAST #1180

BaitCloud,™ headquartered in Canada, has developed and formulated a series of fish attractant products that enhance and stimulate activity and fish catch rates at your specific fishing location. Location is always one of the key variables to fishing, and the location selection can be quite daunting: Lake of the Woods: 1,679 sq. miles of ice fishing possibilities; Kentucky Lake: 2,064 miles of shoreline; Lake of the Ozarks: 25,000+ docks; Lake Simcoe: 725 sq. miles of options.   You can only be at one fishing location at a time…

So consider, what if the equation could be changed… what if you could make the fishing spot you have chosen more productive by attracting baitfish and gamefish activity to your fishing area?

BaitCloud™ is a formulation of fish attracting components designed to activate and draw nearby fish to your fishing location utilizing multiple sensory methods:

  1. via smell; in fish oils, amino acids, and proprietary scents
  2. via sound; in effervescent bubble action
  3. with sight; in Bio-Glitter scale reflections
  4. by feel; with lateral line awareness to the action plume.

BaitCloud is produced into a ball of approximately 1.5 oz. and 1.6” in diameter that is designed to sink into the water column at your desired fishing spot. Once submerged into the water, the BaitCloud reacts into a fizzing bubbling action which releases the concentrated attractants into the surrounding water, and begins to create fish activity.   The release of ingredients creates a zone of activity that incorporates baitfish scents; Bio-Glitter a bio-degradable iridescent scale pattern that mimics fish scales, and the impact of the effervescent action in attracting and stimulating nearby fish to aggregate at this source of activity.


The BaitCloud balls are made of a proprietary mixture of food-grade ingredients that do NOT contain fish parts as chum and do not contain “live bait” or “prepared bait” that would disqualify the product for tournament use or some fishing regulation rules. The product will not sour or become rancid, and has a shelf life of approximately one year. BaitCloud is proudly manufactured by the company in Canada in a food grade, clean manufacturing environment. All ingredients in each BaitCloud are 100% earth-friendly and bio-degradable. There is no packaging to dissolve in the water, the product is designed to sink and dissolve in its delivered ball shape. BaitCloud is retail packaged in a clear plastic tube (H: 5.5” x 1.75” D) that contains three balls, that also serves as carry packaging for the angler. MSRP is $10.99 per tube. There is a point-of-sale display format designed into each case lot of 12 tubes per case for ease of retail merchandising.

While the options to use BaitCloud to enhance the angler’s efforts are widespread, here are a few Technique specific examples where BaitCloud would find great applications:

  • Ice Fishing: Get your hole and set up ready and then use BaitCloud to bring fish in close for your vertical presentations. A perfect application for maximizing your location and set up. Great for situations where there are a lot of anglers and pressure on locations. Can re-invigorate action when the bite slows.
  • Shoreline/Dock/Pier Fishing: Anglers who are in a fixed location can benefit greatly by being able to call fish to their location with a multi-sensory attractant. You may be at a location for extended periods and are able to stimulate fish activity and baitfish presence with use of BaitCloud.
  • Carp Fishing & Tournaments: Carp are known to be one of the most scent driven feeders, and with pond or event Derbies, big prizes are often at stake. Utilize Carp specific BaitCloud products to draw the most activity to your stake out. Make your area come alive with stimulated activity.
  • Limited Time: You are ready to take a youngster fishing, and you want it to be a special time, but you’ve only got a few hours to fish, and attention spans can be short. Use BaitCloud to immediately stimulate maximum activity around your fishing spot, and to jump-start an exciting and productive time on the water!
  • Gathering Bait: Guides and anglers alike sometimes have difficulty in having baitfish concentrated enough where they can be effectively captured with a cast net, or are at difficult locations to utilize a cast net. Place BaitCloud near where baitfish are scattered, wait 15 minutes to let baitfish aggregate and then net bait at your preferred location. No lines or apparatus to interfere with netting!

BaitCloud is currently delivered in seven distinct formulations, developed for specific species (see chart appendix) targeting. Each formulation is color coded according to its product for easy identification.f

For factory contact on placing orders and retailer store inquiries:  Carl Rudnik, (905-469-5500),