Wired2fish Builds First-Rate Content with Brilliant Talent

A couple of months ago, we visited with the senior management team at Wired2fish and uncovered that its success is attributed to its DNA—the DNA of the team. They’ve managed to assemble an incredibly solid team, always wanting to deliver a better product while offering cutting-edge advice to the fishing community. Greatly inspired, we took an even deeper dive into the team to get a taste of what it’s like to work for this dynamic company.

“We believe in people,” said Todd Hammill, CEO of Wired2fish. “Especially people passionate enough about fishing that they are willing to take on challenges that lead to higher standards in everything that they do here. We’ve been blessed to find young avid anglers that sincerely care about the sport of fishing and helping others. It’s been an honor to watch them develop their talents and help Wired2fish grow.”

So, let’s pick up where we left off and meet the rest of the Wired2fish team.

Mitch Anderson – Videographer/Editor

With a Bachelor’s degree in Videography, Mitch Anderson creates stunning and informative video for Wired2fish. Anderson “wears a lot of hats” at Wired2fish. Shooting, editing, Instagram management, traveling, researching, angling, working on email lists, and a lot more encompass his days.

It was his strong commitment to being a proficient angler coupled with his desire to enter the fishing market that eventually led him to Wired2fish. Anderson left the University of La Crosse for Central Lakes College and a full-time job as a fishing guide because he wasn’t making the right connections to enter the fishing industry. The change proved great for Anderson, and his passion for creating as well as angling flavor his words.

“When I’m on the water, I’m trying to produce the best piece of learning material possible,” Anderson said. “And it’s not something that you can just pick up a camera or a pen and execute. I need to fish, and I need to test and research and then try to make compelling video. If we’re not experienced and knowledgeable about the tackle and techniques, nothing we produce matters because it won’t be credible. So, I spend a lot of time really studying on something before going and making content.”

A former high school and college wrestler, Anderson grew up as an avid fan of professional bass anglers and the competitive nature of bass fishing. “It’s been really cool to get in the boat with guys I’ve looked up to and who have inspired me as anglers.”

Kyle Peterson – Field Producer

Full of curiosity around fish behavior, Kyle Peterson brings much of the unique underwater content to life on Wired2fish.com.

Learning to fish with his father around age 4, Peterson has always been a critter around the water. “I dished out minnows for Dad and watched him bait the hook,” Peterson said. “I remember falling from the bank into the lake and the way that he pulled me out without skipping a beat and so we could keep on fishing.”

Peterson is sentimental and grateful for the opportunity to work at Wired2fish.com.

“When I first started working for Wired2fish, I never thought I’d be an influencer to other people. I take it very seriously. Every day that I step on the water, whether I catch a fish or not, I’m learning, and anytime I can help someone to learn more or get better at fishing—well, that’s what’s most gratifying to me.”

Peterson is also known as “Critter” by his teammates because he is a genuine outdoorsman—hunting, fishing, trapping, cleaning, cooking and more. He’s the guy that actually sat down in the woods and found a grouse comfortable enough to hop into his hand. He loves nature, and with that loves fish and everything that they do. And he brings that to life in his many dives for underwater footage.

McKeon Roberts – Video Editor

Sometimes the job finds the guy; the guy doesn’t find the job. Such is the case with McKeon Roberts. Roberts grew up in Grand Rapids, Minn., headquarters of Wired2fish. An avid musician and local fish bum, Roberts was doing an invasive species study with the County Soil and Water District when he ran into Ryan DeChaine, VP of Video Production at Wired2fish. They became friends, and DeChaine discovered that Roberts pretty much knew every inch of water and the fishing in it around Grand Rapids.

“I was sitting under a tree in the rain when Ryan called and needed someone passionate about fishing to join the team and edit video,” Roberts said. “I had absolutely zero experience editing video, but I could mix music, and Ryan patiently taught me editing. Now I’m the main video editor at Wired2fish and love what we do here for the angling community.”

He loves his work, and his favorite part is when a story melds together and becomes something that a viewer can relate to personally. He’s also unbelievably grateful for the opportunity he’s been given at Wired2fish.

“I think at least once a day that I should email Marty, Scott, Todd and Ryan and thank them for this awesome opportunity,” he said.

You’ll often find some of Roberts’ personal music arrangements as background sound in Wired2fish video content.

We opened this article talking about the DNA of team being one of the biggest keys to Wired2fish’s success, but we have to add that there certainly exists a sense of gratitude as well. It’s by no accident that they’ve managed to gather such a large and loyal audience of anglers.