Ask About Add-Ons

A tried-and-true way to boost sales is through cross-selling related fishing items. Customers tend to be less receptive of such sales at the register. Making a habit of your sales staff waiting until then can lead to a bad experience for your customers who are just looking to pay and go on with their fishing. To increase your cross-selling, have your employees offer related products while making the initial sale instead. This will seem more genuine and less pushy. Train your staff to ask if the customer has accessory products for what they are buying, i.e. fishing line for a new reel. By asking rather than suggesting or pushing related products on the customer, your customers will feel that your sales staff is more knowledgeable and more concerned with the customer’s satisfaction on the water. By suggesting these items earlier in the sales process your sales of smaller add-on items will increase along with your store’s customer satisfaction.