ASA Survey Seeks to Provide More Insight into Anglers

The American Sportfishing Association (ASA) is currently conducting an in-depth angler survey, and they want your help. The survey is intended to help businesses better develop tackle products and angler organizations elevate their advocacy efforts.
It seeks to better understand what is and is not important to anglers. “The survey is short,” says FTR Digital Editor Joe Sills, a member of the ASA’s Retail Committee. “Basically, it breaks down how you learned to fish and what activities are actually important to having a good time. Do you want to catch a trophy fish? Do you want to catch more fish? Do you just want to get away with friends and family in the outdoors? I know those questions sound simple, but the answers might vary across the board.”

“The purpose is to help companies improve their marketing and boost angler retention efforts,” adds Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates, the company facilitating the survey. “We are segmenting anglers into unique ‘personas,’ that illustrate why they fish and what products they prefer to use.”

“I think those answers are important,” adds Sills. “Sometimes, we seem to struggle with fishing’s place in the overall outdoor industry. We have our own trade show, seperate from Outdoor Retailer, which makes sense given our niche. But we are still a big part of that ecosystem, so anything we can do to learn more about angler habits inside and outside of our bubble is a positive.”

Anglers of all levels can take the brief, ASA survey by following the link here.