ASA Sportfishing Summit Moving Ahead as Planned

TAMPA, Fla. — The American Sportfishing Association’s annual Sportfishing Summit, scheduled for October 10-13, will continue as planned following the wake of Hurricane Irma.

According to an email blast from ASA, the summit will remain at the Opal Sands Resort in Clearwater Beach.

“The Opal Sands Resort is open and ready for business,” reads the memo. “Although we are a small business meeting, we are happy to be making this investment in the community’s recovery.

Much is still unknown about how our members, their families, and all our families and friends fared in the wake of this wide-spread and breathtakingly disastrous hurricane.

We hope that everyone is now safe and started down the path of assessing the damage and developing a recovery plan. You are never far from our thoughts.”

Groups from around the fishing tackle industry are still assessing damage from hurricanes Harvey and Irma, which ravaged the Caribbean and swaths of the Gulf Coast from Texas to Key West in recent weeks. The Tampa Bay area found itself in the epicenter of Irma’s wrath earlier this week, while some estimates report half of the state’s population was without power following the storm.

The full extent of Irma’s damage is as yet unknown. However, Tampa International Airport—the chief portal for summit attendees—reported only minor damage.