Aqua-Vu Unveils the Ultimate Underwater Camera

Crosslake, Minn. – High definition has transformed TV watching from dry and lackluster to dynamic and utterly engrossing. The progressive video technology continues to blow people’s minds with its hyper-realistic digital picture and sound. HDTV is like “being there,” viewers say, right in the middle of the action. The dazzling color and clarity of the viewscreen virtually transport you to the scene, almost as if the video landscape beckons you to interact with it.

In the realm of underwater viewing, such spectacular screen detail has proved to be a massive advantage, as Aqua-Vu unleashes the amazing new HD700i. The steadfast leader in underwater video technology for two decades, Aqua-Vu released the industry’s first high definition underwater viewing system for fishing last winter—the ice fishing-centric Multi-VuTM HD. Now, the company has taken the technology to dazzling heights with the HD700i, a complete HD underwater viewing system, including the first truly daylight viewable LCD and progressive XD Camera.

The transformation from analog to digital underwater video has delivered dramatic rewards for anglers. Foremost among them is low light vision—the ability to display a colorful, crystal-clear screen image, even in dark water and well past sundown, when a lack of light has long rendered most underwater cameras ineffective.

Last winter, while testing the new XD Camera, Hall of Fame angler and world-renowned photographer Bill Lindner captured some staggering comparison footage, detailing the dramatic differences between existing underwater technologies. “The variation in screen quality blew us away,” said Lindner. “With the Aqua-Vu XD cam, we were seeing fish and vegetation in total color, even in 10- to 12-feet of water, an hour past sunset.

“Above the water and below, I have used probably every camera on the market,” Lindner continued. “Honestly, this new XD Camera from Aqua-Vu yields the sharpest, brightest, cleanest underwater images I’ve ever seen, even exceeding the popular P.O.V. cams. The low light capabilities of the HD700i are incredible; unheard of.”


Headlining its epic spec list, the HD700i system includes a 7-inch daylight viewable LCD, which displays HD underwater video at an extra bright 1800 Nits—4 times the screen brightness of previous technology. The monitor boasts an impressive IP67 waterproof rating for total peace of mind. The LCD also includes an auto-heat function for seamless use in cold weather. An HDMI video-out port provides an interface for digital recording devices or auxiliary HD TV monitors, such as for large ice fishing houses. (The digital video signal allows for superior resolution on big screen LCD TVs.)

Re-engineered for versatility and user-friendliness, Aqua-Vu’s new XD Camera is sheathed in a tough zinc-alloy casing, muted in matte black for superior underwater stealth.

To keep the camera tracking straight forward and backward as well as multiple view angles, the HD700i features the Quick Attachment System™ for instantly changing trolling fins for forward and reverse viewing, as well as ice fishing position clips for up-, down- and side viewing. The HD Aqua-Vu also features an interactive Live Strike™ sight fishing system for viewing lures in real time. Connecting camera to LCD is 100 feet of 200-pound test optical cable.